Practice Makes Perfect

Worship Guitar Class

Want to Play Guitar Like a Pro? Relax!

By Linda Pliagas

Practice makes perfect…especially when it comes to playing.
After spending years studying and practicing playing the guitar, Jean Welles perfected the technique so much that she is able to teach people who have never even picked up a guitar before to play in just one quick, easy lesson.
Welles says the trick to playing proficiently is simply to relax. “When you relax your face and shoulders it helps you relax your hands. You can then play a lot faster and play without fatigue. I have taught guitar all my life.  I made my first video in 2001.”
Her instructional guitar DVDs, which includes four volumes of Worship Guitar Class lessons, are sold internationally and are available in two languages: English and Spanish.
Playing guitar was not just a hobby and profession for Welles, it was also her scholarly pursuit.  Welles received a master’s degree from the University of Southern California (USC) in guitar performance.

“I’ve had thousands of students,” says Welles.  “Even if they have never picked a up guitar, they can learn how to play with our technique. It’s like having a private lesson.” She has taught thousands of students face-to-face in the last 30 years in Southern California and created Worship Guitar Class and other instructional DVDs to reach new students around the world.

Welles, who regularly receives testimonials from her customers, says she was “taken by surprise” at the expansion of her global student roster when she made herself available on the World Wide Web.
She recently received a complimentary note from a mother in Florida who had purchased her videos: “Our son has never learned the guitar so quickly. These are the best training videos we’ve ever seen.”
Welles recalls going to a tradeshow and being approached by a fan; he explained that he had tried to play the guitar for years and he was never able to. Then he found Worship Guitar Class. Now he is able to play for his church audience with full confidence!
In addition to her instructional DVDs, which are designed for adults or children, Welles has branched off and also carries piano and vocal programs as well.
Welles says she targets the homeschool market because that is the loyal group that  gave her a jumpstart in the marketplace.
“Originally, I participated in homeschool fairs and then I got into 40 stores in California. By the second year, we were in over 500 stores.”
Now, Worship Guitar Class is sold in 1,500 stores around the globe in 54 countries.
Welles’s expertise is evident when one previews her complimentary online video. She explains things in a precise, yet relaxed manner. Her years of talent are rolled into a program that promises to compact maximum guitar fluency in a minimum amount of time.
“After one session, they will be able to play a song,” Welles says with confidence.
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