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"Okay, give me one good reason why I should spend time teaching my child spelling and spelling rules.  Our computer checks spelling, even in our email program."  The toughest part of that challenge is choosing just ONE good reason.  Here are a few for starters:

It is a bit more challenging to address a question as to why a student should learn abstruse words such as those encountered by competitors at the National Spelling Bee and other highly valued contests.  Students who climb the rungs to succeed in those prestigious competitions generally have an innate interest in words and language.  They go beyond memorizing the spelling of thousands of words to an incredible grasp of etymology. 

The benefits of learning etymology are myriad:

It all comes back to spelling skills and using spelling as a launching pad for vocabulary development -- which broadens your student's scope of knowledge.  Spelling forms the building blocks of all language, and language enables us to communicate effectively and to enjoy learning over a lifetime.


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