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By Linda Pliagas

Measuring success can be the most difficult aspect of teaching, particularly for homeschool parents. “Did he understand the material?” “Does she retain the information?” “Did they comprehend the subjects?” Not being able to know for sure, whether children understand material that is being taught can create educational limbo. Parents may be reluctant to introduce new information without precisely measuring if previous material has been learned.

A lack of clarity in the testing process was precisely the reason HIMARQS, Inc. was started. The Nevada-based company developed and perfected a specialized program that not only will allow homeschool parents (and traditional educators) to create and administer their own tests; it will offer students their very own program to self-administer and keep track of tests they receive from other users.

This year, the company proudly announces the launch of their program, Highmarqs Practice Test and Exam Software™ , after four years of intense research and production.

“We are focused on making the learning process more efficient, effective, and affordable for everyone,” states Debra Sabree, Founder and CEO.

When asked if the software is user-friendly, Sabree replies: “Users will be delighted that no training is required. Our signature user-friendly interface has special automatic features that allow a person to generate tests in minutes.”

Originally developed for homeschoolers, the software allows parents to check how well their children are learning at public and private schools. What makes the software so special is the ability to co-author and share unlimited tests with other users. Highmarqs Practice Test and Exam Software™ works to advance learning for students all through grade school, college and beyond.

Highmarqs™ comes with a nifty wizard that parents can use to assist them in creating a variety of tests. It’s really simple: If you can type, drag and click, then you can master this software.

Besides its easy-to-use and creative format, one of the most refreshing aspects of Highmarqs™ is its affordability. Surprisingly, the Homeschool Edition is reasonably priced at $79.95, and the Student Edition is only $39.95. One purchase and the program can be used indefinitely. “We want to get the product in the hands of students that need it, especially homeschoolers.” Sabree says.
Highmarqs™ software can be used by the entire family and for any educational testing purpose. In fact, Sabree says, “Our product line offers a cost-effective solution for distance learning, business licensing, corporate training, and continuing education programs. Publishers can even use it to strengthen educational materials with CDs that have tests on them.”

The full benefit of Highmarqs™ is in the potential for its users to establish testing clubs that can include parents, tutors, teachers, and students, all working together to share and distribute learning content. For those people who want to swap tests and who may want to help others write tests for a particular subject, HIMARQS, Inc. has a forum available where members across the nation can connect and collaborate.

HIMARQS, Inc. offers an inexpensive and unique way for parents to monitor the educational progress and scholastic ability of their children. It also offers a sure way for students to improve learning by having greater access to educational tests materials.  With the Highmarqs™ software, creating tests -- and more importantly -- taking them, will be an innovative and rewarding process.  L.P.

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