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Homeschool Science Academy

Unique Online Science Classes from a Christian Perspective

By Michael Leppert

Homeschool Science Academy
138 Rocky Maple Avenue
Boone, NC 28607
Ph: 828-265-4101

Science Academy
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Science is so exciting, especially when you learn about the intricacies of the human body.  The depth and complexities of our universe are visible in even the smallest parts of our bodies: the heart, the liver, the brain.

Greg Landry, founder of Homeschool Science Academy and a 12-year-old veteran homeschool parent, recalls the excitement he felt when he discovered his love of science: “I vividly remember when I took my first human anatomy and physiology class. While I've had an interest in the human body since I was eleven or twelve years-old, it was during this college semester that I first began to understand the incredible complexity of the human body. I actually remember devouring the chapters in my anatomy and physiology textbook, amazed at what I was reading.”

Now, Landry wants to instill this same excitement about science to his students through his wide-range of online and in-person class offerings, which include:

*Online science classes on an array of subjects, such as anatomy, pre-biology and biology, sports medicine, athletic training, forensic anatomy and pathology CSI. The online classes are appropriate for grades 6th through 12th.

Landry also hosts both one-day and week-long residential camps at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. Students can attend a one day camp or they can stay one week and really explore the magnificence of the human body.

Camps are divided by all-boy or all-girl students or they can also attend a mixed-group class setting. The camps are designed for students in grades 9th through 12th.

Both the online classes and the camps are taught from a Christian perspective. Landry feels it is his mission to educate his students so that they see first-hand the glory and magnificence of creation.

“The Lord has given me a passion for teaching students about the human body and how this complex creation of His testifies to His glory,” he says and explains: “For example, I love teaching about the pancreas, the microscopic precision with which it operates, and how many small steps have to go just right, every second of every day, just for us to live.”

Landry, who holds a master’s degree in physiology from Louisiana State University, is the director of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab at Appalachian State University and teaches human anatomy and physiology lab to pre-professional students.

He is an advocate of homeschooling. Landry and his wife have been educating their daughters at home in Boone, North Carolina, for the past 12 years. Their oldest daughter is now a sophomore on athletic and academic scholarships at a private college in Tennessee; their youngest daughter, a competitive swimmer, is in 11th grade.

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