Self Chiropractic Care


Do It Yourself Chiropractic Care
by Dr. Karl V. Holmquist, P.O. Box 2075, Forks, WA.  98331

By Linda K. Foster

Chiropractic treatment is increasingly appreciated by both patients and physicians, but, unfortunately, is still not covered by the majority of health insurance plans. In an effort to make chiropractic treatment accessible to anyone who needs it, Licensed Chiropractor, Dr. Karl V. Holmquist offers his 194 page “Home Chiropractic Handbook” and accompanying 100 minute DVD, “Home Chiropractic.”  Both the DVD and Handbook bring to the public a way to attain and maintain better health through an understanding of chiropractic principles and how they can be applied in the home.

Dr. Holmquist offers simple-to-follow, step-by-step demonstrations, diagrams and explanations of cervical, thoracic, and lumbar-pelvic techniques easily applied at home. To quote Dr. Holmquist, both resources are primarily designed to “…provide a way for the lay person to accept responsibility in a reasonable manner for his own spinal health and that of his family.”  Additionally, Dr. Holmquist provides self-adjusting techniques for singles. 

Dr. Holmquist begins with an explanation of the philosophy, science and art of chiropractic and moves into a clearly written and demonstrated review of the basic anatomy of the spine. Once readers and viewers have an understanding of these basics, Dr. Holmquist begins the process of teaching the application of spinal correction techniques, giving good guidelines on how to adjust your family members.

Page after page of the “Handbook” is devoted to providing a comprehensive yet easy to follow guide to correcting various misalignments.  Each page offers information such as a description of the technique to be used, hand or finger placement, and the amount of pressure, force and speed necessary to accomplish correct alignment. While the “Handbook” in itself is a complete guide, the DVD brings the book alive and makes the application of the techniques much easier to understand and follow and greatly enhances user understanding and minimizes the time required to learn proper techniques and principles.

“Home Chiropractic Handbook” and “Home Chiropractic” (DVD) offer an opportunity to experience the health benefits of chiropractic treatment without costs that are normally generated. Take advantage of Dr. Holmquist’s years of experience and learn how easily his techniques can be applied in the home.

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