My Homeschool Rewards

Homeschool Fundraising Made Easy and Fun

Need new books?  Time for a computer upgrade? Want to take your students on a trip to the museum or zoo? Hundred of organizations and homeschooling families across the nation have discovered a new fundraising tool:

Using this innovative new service, the task of buying such items as groceries, gasoline and fast food can now generate dollars towards the purchase of books, supplies, special outings or other costs associated with homeschooling.

Raising funds through My Homeschool Rewards is easy.  Simply purchase and use gift cards for everyday purchases already in your household budget.  Since the merchants offer the donation, you pay nothing extra. These are exactly the same cards you purchase at a store and are worth the full face value, just like cash.  The only difference is that when purchased through, anywhere from one to 20 percent of the total spent will be donated by the merchant directly to you. These donations are tracked in your account and a check is mailed to you quarterly for your earnings.

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“Our goal is to provide an easy to use program that raises funds without any selling by participants or the need to purchase any unwanted or unneeded items,” says Heather Rice, Director of Operations.  She added: “Among our satisfied customers are schools, churches, clubs, teachers and even the Salvation Army.  Our customers can earn as much as they’d like through the program.  The more you purchase, the more you earn.  To make the most of the program, regular gas and grocery purchases are important, but you can also buy gifts, use gift cards at retailers, restaurants and movie theatres. 

""Getting started is easy. Just log on to and place your order.  Upon the completion of your order, cards will be mailed directly to you within 3-10 days. You’ll also get a summary with your order that shows the amount of the donation earned from each purchase. There is no minimum purchase and you’re invited to participate as much or as little as you like.  Phone, mail and auto-ordering are also available.
Payment for your gift card order is made via check or ACH withdrawal from your checking account. Merchants include grocers and gas stations nationwide, department stores, home improvement centers, restaurants, theatres and more.  If there is a company you would like to see, fill out the “Suggest a Merchant” box on your order form or email to the site.

My offers a great way to raise money for your homeschool.  By utilizing, you can rest assured that coming up with much-needed resources won’t be as difficult or as stressful as it once was. 
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