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One of the greatest advantages of homeschooling is being able to develop a course of study that fits your child's individual needs, talents, and interests. Homeschooling allows you to build on a child's natural curiosity and develop a love for learning that lasts a lifetime. But, oh, the choices we now have!
There are so many opportunities for many curriculum many hands-on many projects and activities available.

How do we choose?
How do we put it all together?
Where do we start?
Or where do we go from here?

Let's face it. Many of us do not have the time or resources to research all the possibilities. Figuring out what will work best for our family can be a daunting task. One option - find someone who has "been there and done that" and has a proven track record in the homeschooling community.

Do You Know Who You're Buying From?
The Internet is an anonymous and impersonal place. Most of the time you never even know where the company is that you are buying from. It is easy to become disconnected from the actual company behind the website.

At we want you to feel like you're walking into the corner store in town and purchasing your materials from people you know and trust. During normal business hours (Eastern time) we have real people answering the phones and helping you with your questions and orders. We have full contact information on the "Contact Us" page, with phone numbers and email forms to help you get the answers you need. We don't hide who we are or where we are. We want you to know that you can contact us and we will be there to help.

Lately some websites have started distancing themselves from customers. They "don't want to be bothered" by the customer and they surely don't want the customer to know who they are; or who they are owned by. WE DO! We want you to know that we are owned by a company that started in the homeschool business almost before there was a homeschooling business. Our parent company, Mott Media, began in 1974 with the intention of providing educational materials. Homeschooling was in its infancy then and there weren't many materials being produced for homeschoolers. So we published the first books in the Sower Series, biographies of historical figures who exemplified strong morals and virtues. Next came the McGuffey Readers, Ray's Arithmetic and other "textbooks" that had been used successfully in our nation's history. Workbooks were added to make these timeless treasures more applicable to today's students.

These efforts were the early seeds of "classical" education and the "principle" approach from our nation's roots, reaching out to concerned parents of homeschooled and public school children alike.
In 1994 Mott Media launched the Homeschooling Book Club and soon after the website We have been committed to providing the homeschool community with good materials and good service at great prices.

Helping You Maximize Your Homeschooling offers a variety of curriculum programs, curriculum packages, name-brand publishers, supplemental materials, and resources for all types of learners at discounted prices. Our product descriptions tell you what you will find in each item, not just "sales copy." In many cases, we offer additional tips from homeschoolers who have used the materials.

Another unique feature is that each product is categorized by learning style. You can search for products that fit different elements of a child's learning profile such as visual and hands-on learners, sequential and random thinkers, or mechanical or artistically-inclined students. Our "advanced search" also lets you find products by age, grade level, publisher, title, author, price - all sorts of search criteria.

And when you search, you won't be bombarded with anything and everything that remotely matches your search. We have a highly sophisticated search tool that limits the results to only those criteria you selected. The list comes up alphabetically - not by the most expensive item first! - so that you can easily find what you are looking for.

Because we recognize each child is unique, we endeavor to help you design your own homeschooling program according to your family's educational philosophy and the teaching approach you prefer. Through our curriculum consulting, learning styles consulting, and teaching resources, we endeavor to help you identify each student's learning profile and tailor your homeschooling accordingly. Our goal is to help you develop individualized instruction for maximum results.

Helping You Find the Best Fit

We are picky about the products we offer. We don't offer anything and everything. In an effort to serve you better, we evaluate products in terms of:

* quality
* educational impact
* flexibility
* comprehensiveness
* cost effectiveness
* learning styles
* specific needs being met
* ease of use
* values and morals
* overall value per dollar

As homeschooling has become more popular and it's success more widespread, many publishers and retailers have jumped into the homeschooling to take advantage of this growing market. Many have little or no experience with homeschooling. Some offer products that they know very little about; others offer anything that may remotely fit homeschooling. The results can be a "mixed bag."

Through years of working with homeschoolers, using the materials ourselves, and doing homeschooling, we've gained a lot of practical knowledge. We know how to help you create a positive learning environment that builds on a child's natural desire to learn.

Throughout our catalog and website, you will see references to learning styles. This information is really a tool to help you create that positive learning environment. This simply means:

(1) you acknowledge that each of your children are unique;
(2) you recognize the different ways your children learn and respond to training;
(3) you adjust your training accordingly; and
(4) you do not allow these differences to become an excuse for lack of effort.

Of course other factors will need to be considered such as the teacher's learning style, family situation, number of children, ages, available resources, cognitive development of each student, teaching approach, training goals, and your family's view of education - just to name a few.

We have numerous resources available in our Teaching section to help you evaluate the factors that go into deciding what approach, method, and curriculum to choose. We also offer curriculum and learning styles consultation on an hourly basis for those who need personal input. We can help you tailor your program.

For further details or to schedule an appointment, call (810) 714-4280 or email our consultant, Lori Coeman, author of How to Teach So They Can Learn, at

Helping you reach or surpass your homeschooling goals is our priority. Combining the right products with knowledgeable information will effectively, efficiently, and consistently give you the results you want.


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