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H.O.P.E Home School Consulting, LLC

There Is H.O.P.E for Homeschoolers

H.O.P.E Home School
Consulting, LLC
68494 County Road 29
New Paris, IN 46553

By Linda Pliagas

Would you like to start homeschooling your children but have absolutely no idea how to begin? Don’t worry, there is H.O.P.E! — an acronym for Homeschooling parents will be Organized and Prepared to Educate their children, H.O.P.E provides nationwide consulting services to parents who are beginning their journey in home education.
The company was started by Angie McFarren, a former nurse who started homeschooling her children in 2002.
H.O.P.E. consultations are broken down into four phases: The first step involves an initial telephone conference. Next, questionnaires are emailed to the family for them to complete. After the questionnaires are returned, a custom-made plan is prepared. Lastly, McFarren offers a final consultation and provides inside tips and suggestions. Parents also receive a valuable, personalized guidebook at the conclusion of their consultations.
Consulting with a homeschooling veteran can save families money and also reduce frustration.
If homeschooling is in your future, but you’re not sure how to begin, don’t be distressed: H.O.P.E. can help. L.P.

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