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I CAN Learn® Online
The Ultimate Math Solution
Where the Real World Meets the Math World


I CAN Learn® Education Systems, 188 East Capitol Street, Suite 925, Jackson, MS. 39201 * Toll Free: 888-263-1390 * Available at

Now your child can access the same powerful math program at home that teachers nationwide have been using in schools for over a decade.  With recognition from the U.S. Department of Education as a “promising math program” and from What Works Clearinghouse as having Positive Effects, I CAN Learn® Online provides your child with complete curriculum math in a unique and through environment. From fundamental math concepts to Algebra, our lessons are aligned to your state’s curriculum standards, so the concepts taught at school are the same concepts available at home.

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Not only does this program make teaching and learning easier for students to learn math, it also makes the math classroom a more exciting and fun place to be.
- I CAN Learn® Teacher, New Orleans, LA

In over 400 engaging math lessons like these, I CAN Learn® Online brings math to life through speech, written word, pictures and real-world examples, providing students with the ultimate learning experience.  Throughout each lesson students are prompted to take notes, reinforcing what they’ve learned.

This program is one in which for the first time ever, I discovered that I could learn and understand math.  This program has changed my life forever and I now want to become a math teacher because of it.  Thank you for saving my life.
I  CAN Learn® Student, Greensboro, NC

More than 150,000 students across the country have found success with I CAN Learn® math, and the main reason is that they are able to work and learn at their own pace.  Each lesson comes complete with four comprehensive sections and features both multiple choice and numeric text entry options.  The Warm-Up section, a one or two question review, gets that brain power working and helps your child to remember what he or she already knows.  From there, the real-world meets the math world in the Lesson Presentation that employs both visual and audio media for a fun introduction to the concept.  After taking notes when prompted during the Lesson Presentation, your child will then move on to the I CAN Learn® Tutor, the section where students answer questions to determine what they’ve retained.  Finally, it’s time to test the student’s knowledge with a 10-question Quiz, where students receive their grade for the lesson.  Scores are provided immediately, along with the solutions to any questions a student might have missed.  If students need more review, they are able to go back and retake a lesson in order to truly master any concept.  Parents can follow along and see their child’s progress at any time, so no problem is left unsolved. 

In addition, our lessons are 100% aligned with the current National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) focal points, which are your child’s most important math topics.

I have taught thousands of kids, implemented scores of math curriculum and improvement programs, and found only one program that truly works, I CAN Learn®.
I CAN Learn® Teacher, Pinellas, FL

We are so confident that you will see positive results in your child’s math studies that we’re offering you a free 7-day trial.  See for yourself if I CAN Learn® Online is right for you and your most precious student by visiting us today at


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