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KATY-DID Publishing


KATY-DID Publishing, LLC is a six-year-old publishing company that specializes in creating vibrantly illustrated books for parents and children to enjoy together.

“The Old Clock On The Wall” by Lynda Bulla (illustrated by Ernie Hergenroeder) is a charming rhyming book that is beautifully designed to entice even the most reluctant of readers.  “The Old Clock On The Wall” teaches a youngster the importance of not giving up on a goal simply because things get a little tough: “It’s only the quitters that lose in the end. They never try, so they never win.”  This recurring tag line is one that will inspire both children and parents alike.

Are you trying to instill a sense of individuality and pride in
your youngster? If so, “The Churkendoose” is a must to include in your child’s library.  The original story, created by Ben Ross Berenberg in 1946 and illustrated by Dellwyn Cunningham, was brought to life again by Bulla and Hergenroeder. 

Hergenroeder, who says that “The Churkendoose” brought great comfort and soothed him as a child, joined Bulla in bringing this new updated character to life for a whole new generation to enjoy.  Some lessons highlighted by “The Churkendoose” deal with banding together for a common good and making wise choices.

“KATYDID”, another colorful and inspiring book written by Bulla, is the perfect choice for teaching children about confidence.  The book also makes youngsters aware of the law of attraction: What you think about is what materializes in your life.  “KATYDID” is a great choice to pass on to instill self-confidence in the lives of young readers.

Another treasure found in the KATY-DID Publishing collection is “Freedom Rings: An American Parable.” In this equally eye-catching book, Freedom, a friendly, smelly dragon protects his neighboring villagers, but his generosity is taken for granted.  When Freedom is threatened by evil forces, the villagers realize just how important he really is.

Bulla was inspired to create children’s books when she returned to college as an adult.  While pursuing an undergraduate degree in liberal arts, Bulla discovered she had a knack for writing.  A class project compelled her to write a children’s book and she has been writing ever since. 

“My goals are to have my books become dialog starters with parents,” says Bulla, adding: “Part of the problem we see in our society today between children and parents is that there is no communication.”  Bulla says the days of storytelling at the dinner table are almost nonexistent replaced instead by the endless marketing chatter of the television set.

Bulla says she is on a “campaign” to get more parents and children to read together or to engage in storytelling.  “It’s been noted that preschoolers who have parents read to them start kindergarten with a vocabulary of 5,000 words,” Bulla says, adding that by contrast, children who did not have the benefit of daily readings have an average of only 1,000 words in their vocabulary when starting school.

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