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Review by Natasha Pirtz

Are you looking for a program to teach your child or children the responsibilities of managing money?  The Kids Wealth Program is fun and easy to use for parents and children.  Mothers, fathers, and kids love the Kids Wealth Money Kit. Instead of the usual work, it is fun and simple rather than time consuming, and it works.

Three ways the Kids Wealth Kit will improve the ways your family deals with money are:

  1. Your children will practice good money habits today that will help them achieve financial independence in adulthood, regardless of the career path they follow.
  2. You and your children will never fight over money again. In fact, instead of being a taboo subject, money is something you and your children will learn to talk about with considerable ease and surprising maturity.
  3. Instead of being a complex nightmare, managing money will become simple fun.

You may be thinking “Doesn’t managing money require great self -control and sacrifice? Isn’t it beyond the ability of children?” Money Kit actually makes it fun and easy, so it isn’t beyond their ability.  If you think about it, you wouldn’t expect your child to know how to ride a bike without ever being on one.  The Money Kit is a great training tool for everyday financial decisions that sooner or later your child will have to make on their own.

The Money Kit was developed over the years by parents, educators and financial experts.  It is a fun, colorful program that actively engages kids in money management. Proven education techniques are used to allow kids to learn the way they learn the best: hands on.  This program is not just a teaching tool; this is their own real money they can use and it works!

The Money Kit program doesn’t require tons of time or advanced math skills. You and your child will only need a few minutes every month on their very own customized program. You don’t even have to be a good money manager because after a few months with this program you will be, no matter where you are at today. 

Best of all, the Money Kit won’t break your bank. It’s the most practical investment you can make in your children’s financial future today. The Money Kit comes with a Full No Risk Money Back Guarantee. That means there is no reason not to order online right now at or by calling us at 1-866-954-KIDS (5437).



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