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math & Physics

Kinetic Books 
“Conceptual Physics”
By Linda Pliagas

“To any action there is always an opposite and equal reaction.”


Sir Isaac Newton's third law of relativity may seem complex enough for adults to comprehend, but now try to explain this scientific concept to a 12-year-old.
Before you toss up your arms in angst and go through the expense of hiring a tutor, visit

With the ease of a click, parents can better equip their children with the very best in physics education.  Conceptual Physics is a new comprehensive digital textbook that is sure to not only teach vital mathematical concepts, but also keep youngsters alert and interested. 

The CD tutorial features colorful diagrams and thousands of narrated animations, which will break down even the most difficult equations into simple concepts.  The simulations and interactive problems will challenge homeschoolers, all the while enabling parents to assess what they’ve learned
Conceptual Physics is broken down into chapters, each one has a quizboard, which contains several multiple-choice problems.  Over 250 quizboard problems are available throughout the CD textbook.

Quizboards are designed for students to review important concepts in each chapter. Each quizboard problem consists of four parts: a question, an answer choice, hints, and finally, the solution.  A student can check their answer or request a hint.

The CD is priced at $24.95 and $49.95 (the higher price also includes a printed textbook); 35-seat licenses start at $299. The optional online homework component is an additional per-student cost.

Algebra 1

Even nonmathematical types will enjoy the Algebra 1 CD.

How can math not be fun when you use it to score a goal, create dazzling art or build your own virtual world?

The Algebra 1 digital textbook not only teaches homeschoolers the basics in a non-threatening and appealing manner, but the CD also eases students into more complex mathematical equations, such as graphs, charts, and quadratic equations.

With over 3000 interactive problems that require solving, Algebra 1 is a comprehensive and detailed digital textbook, which is the perfect learning tool for the new millennium.

A convenient scoreboard is built in, which provides parents with feedback.  This makes it convenient for them to see which problems were attempted and actually solved.

Kinetic Books Company was founded by Bruce Jacobsen.  Prior to starting Kinetic Books, he previously served as general manager of Microsoft’s Kids/Games Business Unit where he oversaw many educational products.
Millions of dollars have been invested into the company’s products and systems.  Kinetic Books brings together masterminds from a diverse array of disciplines: academia, software development, and the arts.

One of the nice things about Conceptual Physics is the ease in using the program and the simple way that the chapters are organized.  This undoubtedly makes a difficult subject easier and less frustrating to master, not only by homeschoolers, but also by their parents!

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