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KINZA ACADEMY is a scholastic organization committed to the revival of traditional education for children. Our goal is to introduce parents to the perils of modern education and to offer alternatives for their children in the form of homeschooling and community-based, traditional schools.

Kinza is a complete homeschooling program that includes the curriculum, daily lesson plans, and an online advisor to assist the parent/teacher throughout the school year. At present, we offer a Western curriculum based on a traditional, “classical” education, as defined by Dorothy Sayers in her must-read article “The Lost Tools of Learning.”  In addition, our curriculum is supplemented with a selection of Islamic books for Muslim children. 

Kinza does not encourage early formal education. The Islamic tradition teaches that children should “play” until the age of seven, and Kinza recognizes the value of this teaching, as do modern studies on child development. Hence, the preschool and kindergarten sections include a carefully chosen selection of classic literature, and it is encouraged to read as often as possible to your children. A science/math book of experiments and art workbooks are included to be used in a fun setting for the children.

What You Get with Kinza

Beginning with first grade, students will receive a formal curriculum that includes a well-organized choice of beautiful books the children will delight in reading and learning from. With our selection of quality books, Kinza Academy ensures that not only will the children continue to love learning, but parents will also enjoy becoming the academic teachers of their children.

Included in our selection of learning material is a math program utilizing the classical abacus method, and books from Susan Wise-Bauer, such as The Story of the World, affirming the belief in traditional education as set forth in her book, The Well-Trained Mind. Kinza believes in the importance of having excellent literature available in the home. Each grade-level is replete with an arrangement of classic literature that can be used to build the child’s own library. Muslim families also receive an additional selection of Islamic books for reading in the home, filling children’s minds with wonderful stories from the Quran and Seerah, as well as of Prophets, Sahaba, and other historical figures in Islamic history. Kinza also provides Arabic language books, as it is essential that Muslim children learn the Arabic language.

After the initial enrollment, the homeschooling parent partakes in an in-depth interview with the Kinza director in order to determine the child’s level in each subject area so that the child is placed at the appropriate level of instruction. Once the books are decided upon, Kinza will then send you the curriculum and lesson plans with a welcome package and selection of interesting articles on education. You will also be provided with email access to the Kinza support line, and will receive a reply usually within 24 hours. For urgent matters, you are welcome to call the office for an immediate response.

Homeschooled children learn at their own pace, and children who finish one subject early do not have to wait until the next year to move ahead; simply inform Kinza of your child’s completion of a subject level, and the next level will be shipped to you right away. With this system, it is possible for children to complete their primary educational training ahead of their public schooled peers and enter the university at an earlier age.

Kinza’s Advisory Board

Kinza includes on its Advisory Board two illustrious names in the field of education: John Taylor Gatto, an expert in the Western tradition, and Hamza Yusuf  Hanson, a traditional Islamic scholar.

To Learn More About Kinza

Parents who wish to provide their children with an excellent and traditional approach to education should go to the Kinza Academy website and see for themselves why this academy is quickly becoming the number one choice for homeschooling families of the Muslim faith.■

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