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1639 Ebenezer Rd., Bluemont, VA.  20135 •

Review by Linda Foster

Shopping for standard issue textbooks can, and usually is, a very trying experience.  “So many sites, so little time” pretty much summarizes my previous experiences. Shopping for books appropriate for, and geared toward, the homeschool market is an even bigger challenge. Laurelwood Books (, provider of new and used textbooks and other homeschool-related curricula, has met the homeschool book shopping challenge and has proven to be a “lifesaver” for countless homeschool families.

The founders of Laurelwood Books have been homeschooling for over 25 years and started the company as a home-based business to help families locate curriculum at a reasonable price. Originally selling used textbooks, Laurelwood Books grew in size, adding new products as the need arose, and, in the year 2000, moved the majority of its home-based business out of the home and into a retail location. With a philosophy rooted in homeschool principles, the owners and staff of Laurelwood Books understand the need for specialized study materials consistent with those fundamental principles.

Laurelwood Books carries a wide range of new and used materials for all grade levels and all subjects, making it easy for both beginning and experienced homeschool parents to design an entire curriculum from this one source.  Abeka, Bob Jones University, Saxon Math, Macmillan, Usborne, and Common Sense Press are just a few of the publishers offered by Laurelwood Books.

In the area of art, Art With Design & Plan by Mrs. Norman Kauffman is offered.  Two, four-year plans divided into Grades 1 through 4 and 5 through 8, provide a comprehensive art course suitable for use in multi-use grade settings designed for student self-learning with minimal parental supervision.

A selection of study guides and literature packs on history, published by Beautiful Feet Books are also offered through Laurelwood Books. Included in the Beautiful Feet selection are several books by authors and illustrators, Ingri & Edgar Parin d’Aulaire who are well known for their fascinating lithography and informative and entertaining text.  Well-written and beautifully-illustrated books on Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Augustus Caesar, and others, will sweep readers up in the drama of historical events, encouraging and inspiring them to delve further into the study of history.

Saxon Math and Jacob’s Geometry books are also popular products available through Laurelwood Books. Saxon Math is one of the best selling and most thoroughly researched skills-mathematics programs for grades K – 12.  Jacob’s Geography books combine real-life examples, carefully structured exercises, and humor to help students learn and remember.  They are suitable for either classroom use or self-paced study.

Of particular interest to beginning homeschool parents are the products listed under Home School Resources on the Laurelwood Books website.  Here, parents will find A Parent’s Guide to Homeschooling: The Complete Guide and A Survivor’s Guide to HomeschoolingA Parent’s Guide will lead parents to answers, resources and organizations that can help them develop a homeschool curriculum that will prove to be a rewarding experience for the entire family. A Survivor’s Guide teaches parents how to keep going when they think they have to give up.

In addition to selling new and used textbooks, Laurelwood Books also rents certain textbooks and buys textbooks that might be duplicates or simply no longer needed and gathering dust on a shelf.

The product list offered by Laurelwood Books is almost endless and constantly changing to meet current needs. For anyone attempting to develop a curriculum or wishing to supplement a current curriculum, a visit to or to their retail location in Bluemont, VA is strongly suggested.  Don’t waste time shopping from site to site. If you can’t find what you want at Laurelwood Books, you probably don’t need it.  L.F.

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