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Learning By Grace, Inc.

Visit our website is the premier provider of online education for Christian homeschool families. Through our niche defined online academies that collectively appeal to homeschoolers everywhere, we offer affordable PreK-12 teacher-led courses and curriculum solutions that are changing the world’s view of online education.

Our homeschool curriculums are flexible, enabling students to work at their own pace. Special needs students, quick learners, and all students in-between achieve academic success by taking as much time as they need to comprehend the course material.

Our academies provide an alternative to the negative influences that permeate the nation’s public schools – such as worldly thinking, humanist teaching and moral relativism. Free your children of peer pressures, distractions, and a rigid Educational formula and empower them to reach their true God-given potential.

Academies such as The MorningStar Academy, The Southern Baptist Academy, The Grace Academy and The Jubilee Academy offer students an online education that is catered to the pace of each individual student, ensuring success by maximizing their talents.

Authentically streamlining homeschool curriculum and infusing Christian values, our academies eliminate lengthy lesson planning, grading and test construction. How? Technology. Online technology does the work for moms!

Enroll in the academy that will compliment your homeschooling experience:

The MorningStar Academy –

The MorningStar Academy is the world’s largest and most successful kindergarten through 12th grade online private Christian school serving homeschoolers. Children receive a superior education with:

The Southern Baptist Academy –

The Southern Baptist Academy is an online private school offering the best in a Kingdom Education. With Jesus Christ, our Savior, as the cornerstone of a complete education, our students optimize their learning with:

The Grace Academy –

The Grace Academy is the most trusted K-12 Christian online curriculum provider with teacher support. Combining the control and flexibility of traditional homeschooling with the teacher support of an online private school, our academy offers:

The Jubilee Academy –

The Jubilee Academy is the premier PreK-12 Christian online homeschool curriculum provider for students around the world. Our teams of visionary curriculum specialists are constantly updating the courses to harness proven technology and enhance your homeschooling experience.

To learn more about the academy that is perfect for your children, please contact

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