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Special Needs

Learning Upgrade Products

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By Linda Foster

If your child is struggling in math and/or reading, you should check out the exciting programs offered by Learning Upgrade ( For the past 14 years, the creative team of teachers, musicians, artists and programmers at Learning Upgrade has produced award-winning learning programs to teach reading, writing, and math to a wide range of students using songs, videos and games. Learning Upgrade programs are adaptable for use in public, private and homeschool settings and, best of all, they work because this innovative method motivates students to complete the lessons.

Learning Upgrade currently offers three online courses for learning success, all adaptable for use in private, public and homeschool settings. The newest course is Math Upgrade, an engaging online review course that covers 1st through 7th covering basic math through pre-algebra and early geometry. Geared for grades 5+, Math Upgrade provides 60 enjoyable step by step lessons filled with instructional songs and practice games. This breakthrough course is simple to use by students and teachers/parents.   Teachers/parents simply log in from any Internet connection and enroll their students.  Students then log in and begin their self-paced lessons progressing from level to level until all 60 lessons are successfully completed. Along the way, teachers and parents can track student progress through web-based detailed diagnostic reports of student weaknesses and strengths. In just 8 to 12 weeks, students can turn math failure into math success with the use of Math Upgrade.

Reading Upgrade is an online course designed to help students 8 through adult overcome reading difficulties. By completing the 50 exciting step-by-step lessons plans, students master key reading skills and gain confidence in their reading abilities. Like the other programs offered by Learning Upgrade, Reading Upgrade motivates students through the use of original pop and hip hop songs, music videos and age-appropriate reading games.   This research-based program is beneficial for any student who reads significantly below grade level including students with learning differences and special needs. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be able to read sentences, paragraphs, rhymes, riddles, instructions and even e-mails.

For students who can already read, Comprehension Upgrade teaches students to understand a wide variety of interesting texts. Comprehension Upgrade includes 50 step-by-step lessons designed to teach comprehension techniques, improve vocabulary and develop critical thinking skills. Any student with a need to improve his/her understanding of text will benefit by this program including students who have completed the Reading Upgrade program or those needing to improve their reading proficiency. Using modern teaching methods, Comprehension Upgrade teaches students to read literature, understand textbooks and take tests. At the end of this easy-to-use course, students will be able to read passages and quickly identify the main idea, format, author’s purpose and tone, point of view and conclusions. In just 6 to 10 weeks, students of all ages will achieve measurable gains in their reading comprehension skills.

Sound It Out Land teaches children ages 3 to 7 to read on their own, through songs and reading games. The program is available as a CD-ROM for the computer or as a DVD for television. The program features videos, alphabet songs, sing-along karaoke-style songs, a reading game and more, all designed to capture the attention of young readers and motivate them improve their reading skills. This well-loved program features four engaging characters who teach letter sounds, sound blending, and sentence reading through 16 original songs and 12 interactive reading games. One of the particularly exciting aspects of this program is its portability. Unlike other programs, Sound It Out Land does not require Internet access. The CD-ROM/DVD formats make this program a fantastic teaching option for long road trips.

If your child is a struggling reader or has problems grasping math concepts, Learning Upgrade has a program designed to motivate learning, improve reading, comprehension and math skills. Learning Upgrade programs are intervention programs that fill in learning gaps. They do not replace standard curriculums, they enhance them. In fact, Learning Upgrade is so confident in its product that it makes a try-before-you-buy offer to potential users. Simply visit and click on the “demo” button to experience these exciting programs.  L.F.

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