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Northfield, OH 44067
By Michael Leppert

Homeschooling and Do It Yourself burst into your kitchen with Leeners’ You-Make-Kit™ Brand kits! Unlike other food fun kits, which can be little more than mixes, Leeners uses “Old World” methods of creating delicious foods and beverages from scratch. You-Make-Kit™ Brand Kits offer a comprehensive opportunity to teach the life skills needed for self confidence, further education and career development. Academically, your child will see and learn many hands-on, real-world applications of math, biology, geography, history, sociology, chemistry and more while gaining a lasting knowledge far beyond a textbook-only classroom study.

This is history, math and science come alive! Cheese and yogurt-making offer excellent opportunities for discussions about the process of biological fermentation. When combined with personal experience and a discussion of family, human history and food, the education potential is limitless. Younger children will learn the importance of following directions, simple math applications such as weights and measures, and skim the surface of chemistry. Older students will delve deeper into chemistry, biology, history, and food safety science. I can’t think of a better Unit Study scenario than a kitchen-centered curriculum built around Leeners’ You-Make-Kit™ Brand Kits. Creating your own food products is fun, interesting, diverse and a great way to involve your children in real life.

Leeners has been supporting their educational hobby kits and supplies since 1996. The You-Make-Kit™ Brand is developed and produced exclusively by Leeners. This provides customers with a level of service that is only available through experience. This is evident on their website, where you will find the complete line of food-making kits, books, supplies and accessories. Leeners You-Make-Kit™ Brand kits are fully supported online with instructions, recipes and “direct to the expert” email advice. MjL


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