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Special Needs

Little Giant Steps
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Little Giant Steps – Drug-Free Help for the Learning Disabled of Any Age

Many homeschooling families come to homeschooling due to having a child diagnosed with one or another learning disability or learning challenge. As one develops experience with the testing, evaluation and diagnostic process, one’s awareness grows that what seems to be missing in the equation is a holistic or global approach to the biological child. Each body is a group of integrated systems working together, or not, rather than a group of isolated systems, each one functioning without reference to the others. It becomes apparent that a new way of seeing learning disabilities is called for.

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One woman who has been instrumental in developing a new vision is Jan Bedell, experienced educator, homeschooling mom, Certified Neurodevelopmentalist, and founder and president of Little Giant Steps (LGS) of Plano, Texas. She and her four colleagues hold a view of treating learning disabilities called the Neurodevelopmental Approach (ND) and it is bringing heartfelt relief to scores of families who have a child who has been diagnosed with one of the many learning disabilities so common today: ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia -- even Asperger’s Syndrome and Down’s Syndrome.

Jan worked as a school teacher for many years and then homeschooled her own learning challenged daughter because the school system did not offer a hopeful treatment attitude, thereby condemning her daughter (and others) to a lifetime of disability and exclusion from the pleasures of a full life and enjoyable productivity.

Little Giant Steps’ ND Approach assesses nine different levels of six developmental areas: Auditory, visual, tactility, mobility, linguistic and manual dexterity. How these six areas work together gives a picture of the whole person and determines the course of treatment. Conventional “wisdom” is to treat the person based upon one. For example, the conventional approach is if a child has difficulty reading, have him read more. In the ND Approach, such a child is taught brain-reorganizing skills and habits, as well as reading practice, which ultimately treat the reading difficulty – which is the tip of the “iceberg”, so to speak. The staff of LGS witness people diagnosed with dyslexia attaining symptom-free status with 12-18 months of ND treatment. Children in this situation can achieve improvement of one academic year per 4 months of treatment in math and reading.

The ND Approach is effective with people of all ages, prompting Jan to emphatically state that “It is NEVER too late” for a person with these learning disabilities to experience significant freedom from symptoms and consequential life-improvement. She has treated reading-challenged patients in their mid-50s who have become completely symptom free and realized the dream of being able to read and comprehend normally – for the first time in their lives!

Little Giant Steps provides parent training to their client families, because parental involvement and consistent practice is the key to actual success; no surprise to homeschooling parents, of course. LGS also offers a wide variety of products – some developed by the LGS staff of Neurodevelopmentalists, others chosen by them, for use by their client families in applying the ND Approach in their homes. It is not a curriculum, per se, but a way of presenting the material and equipping parents with solutions to allow them to intervene in their child’s learning experience and improve it.

If anyone you know has learning disabilities – no matter what age – please visit Little Giant Steps’ website and experience their wealth of articles, materials and information that will inspire and uplift your view of the ultimate outcome possible for such a disabled person.


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