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By Bonnie Terry, M.Ed.

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By Kay Miller

One of the most difficult subjects for students to learn is math. Too often, students aren’t afforded enough time to master one level before they are moved on to the next. Have you ever tried to teach fractions to a student who doesn’t understand long division or pre-algebra to someone who doesn’t understand fractions, decimal, or percentages? Has your child ever come to you for help with his/her math homework because he/she doesn’t remember how to do the problems taught in class and you weren’t able to provide steps to a solution? These scenarios can be sources of extreme frustration for students and teachers/parents. The BT Easy Math Reference Guide, developed by Bonnie Terry, M.Ed., an educator with over 30 years experience teaching regular education and special education students, provides students with the necessary tools to succeed in elementary school math and helps older students prepare for success in Algebra and beyond. 

BT Easy Math Reference
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Understanding decimals is critical to understanding money and percentages are critical to understanding sale pricing and credit card debt. We use math skills in one form or another on a daily basis. Bonnie Terry is a firm believer that students without a strong foundation in math, won’t succeed in school or in life and the Easy Math Reference Guide provides a logical progression to learning and mastering math skills, offering clear rationale for doing so.  

The Guide begins with an explanation of basic math calculations (addition, subtractions, multiplication, division and time) and progresses to more advanced topics such as fractions, decimals, and percentages. Since most problems with math begin when multi-digit calculations and long division are introduced into the curriculum, the Guide provides numerous hints and “tricks” to help students perform accurate calculations.  Also provided are over three pages of word problems including clue words and step-by-step solution strategies. Word problems increase critical thinking skills and improve a student’s ability to understand the factors involved in making life decisions. The Easy Math Reference Guide gives well-written and easily understood instructions, including age-appropriate examples.

Once a basic math foundation has been built, students will learn to calculate area, perimeter and ratio and will learn to recognize and perform calculations involving geometric shapes, lines and angles. As with basic math, these more advanced skills will be important later in life when trying to calculate such things as how much paint, flooring or carpeting to buy.

Included with the Guide is a written proposal for incorporating its use into the learning process. Suggestions are made for determining the age appropriateness for learning each math concept and page references for each concept are given.

The BT Easy Math Reference Guide is an excellent source of reference for use in public, private or homeschool settings.  Once again, Bonnie Terry has succeeded in making available a study tool that offers students and their parents all that they need to tackle any math assignment. 

For additional information or to purchase the BT Easy Math Reference Guide, please visit www.bonnieterrylearning.comK.M.

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