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Review by L.K. Foster

Are you Mathphobic? Do you tune out in the middle of math lectures because you didn’t understand the first concept and were afraid to ask for clarification? Is it virtually impossible for you to translate lecture material into actual problem solving? Or, do you simply want to learn everything there is to know about math in the comfort of your own home? Whatever your need, Math Tutor DVDs are your answer.

Learning math is often a confidence issue. Most math instruction begins with lengthy discussions of abstract math theories and students find themselves “lost” before they are ever presented with any actual problem solving instruction. Unlike this standard teaching method, Math Tutor DVDs teach each concept in a fully narrated “teaching-by-doing” method. This approach takes the boredom and frustration out of learning math, engages the student in the learning process and raises student confidence.

Founded in 2004, Math Tutor DVDs focusing on problem solving. Each video lesson is taught by Jason Gibson, an Electrical Engineer and Physicist currently employed in the aerospace industry. Jason is a knowledgeable, engaging personality who is able to convey his vast knowledge in an easy-to-follow manner. He presents each concept from basic math to calculus in step-by-step increments beginning with easier problems and working up to the harder problems. Each principle is discussed and demonstrated to ensure student comprehension. There are no traditional lectures of background material that won’t help solve problems and improve skills.

Math Tutor DVDs are comprehensive, 5 to 11 hour video courses requiring no supplemental materials. They can be used as a stand-alone curriculum particularly in homeschool settings or as a supplement to a classroom curriculum.

Math Tutor DVDs currently offers:

●          1st – 7th Grade Math – Essential math skills at the elementary and middle school level.
●          Math Video Tutor – Fractions through Algebra- Helps students master all of the core topics in Pre-Algebra and Algebra 1.
●          Algebra 2 – Bridges the gap between Algebra 1 and Trigonometry.
●          Trigonometry & Pre-Calculus – Bridges the gap between bridge the gap between Algebra and Calculus.
●          Calculus 1 & 2 – Features calculus problems of all complexities ranging from elementary to challenging.
●          Ultimate Physics – A complete physics course that begins with the assumption the student has never seen a physics equation.

Ranging in price from $24.99 to $39.99, Math Tutor DVDs are an exceptional value. Each course could easily be split into many DVD courses costing the same price, but are available in the current format to make the content affordable to all. 

Math Tutor DVDs put confidence and enjoyment into learning math. Whether you are a homeschool or a public school student or simply someone who is mathphobic, Math Tutor DVDs will help you learn math.
Math Tutor DVD founder, Jason Gibson is so confident in this product that he offers “try-before-you-buy” sample lessons on his site and a money back guarantee.

For additional information or to purchase these exceptional programs, please visit  L.F.

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