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The ClockWise System

Master Fractions, Decimals, and More with the ClockWise System

By Linda Pliagas

Are your homeschoolers having trouble learning and remembering fractions, decimals, percents and degrees? Now, there is a new system that is sure to make it easier for children to absorb these concepts.

The ClockWise System gives children a way to learn visually, transforming mathematics from a scary subject into a fun activity.

Amy Clark-Wickham, an orthopedic nurse by trade and a long-time math team coach, developed The ClockWise® System, which includes: The ClockWise System Book, ClockWise Playing Cards and the ClockWise Relay Race Game.

ClockWise is a teaching tool based on a round, 12-hour clock face. The vibrantly colored clock face is divided into sections (sixths, twelfths, quarters, fifths and tenths), which makes it easy for children to compare figures visually and practice solving equations.

IAs Clark-Wickham explains, “Once you learn that 1/4 is at three o’ clock and 1/3 is at four o’clock, you can visually compare them; 1/3 is one hour more, or 1/12 larger than 1/4.  Now you can add them in your head by thinking ‘3:00 + 4:00 make 7:00, that’s 7/12.”

“While this doesn’t replace learning how to use common denominators,” says Clark-Wickham, “this visual method does help children understand and solve fraction problems much faster, which increases their confidence and ultimately their learning ability.”

“The ClockWise System provides a teaching tool that helps students really see how fractions and decimals compare proportionately to each other,” says Clark-Wickham. “It allows them to visually divide a fraction by another fraction, so they know they can rely on this system more than on some abstract mnemonic or algorithm. There is no other visual math model out there that’s this easy to grasp.”

In 2004, Clark-Wickham developed MathWonders (the parent company to ClockWise) as a tutoring service for elementary and middle school children. She wanted to instill in her students a sense of wonder about the mathematical and natural world around them.

Clark-Wickham attributes her own lifelong love of math to the influence of her grandmother, who was a calculus professor. “Math is born of a timeless desire to understand and predict patterns in nature, such as the earth’s orbit around the sun, the relationship between shadows and time, and the means of estimating the size of our planet,” explains Clark-Wickham. “Much of our understanding of the natural world is expressed in multiples of 60 (such as degrees and minutes) and 12 (such as hours, months, feet, yards, and dozens). However, most of our modern world is based on 10 and 100. The ClockWise System connects these disparities into one instantaneous visual model.”

The ClockWise System is perfect for visual learners. Its products have been embraced by homeschoolers and traditional school teachers nationwide, including those teaching gifted and special education learners.

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