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Maya Wrap Products Help Mothers Bond with Ease and Comfort

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Review by Linda K. Foster

New mothers are constantly reminded of the importance of bonding with newborns and toddlers. They are also constantly reminded of the importance of keeping their children safe.  Maya Wrap Baby Carriers provide a convenient and affordable solution to both of these problems.  Maya Wrap is also a great alternative to bulky and cumbersome baby strollers and backpack carriers. Made of 100%, hand-loomed Guatemalan cotton fabric, Maya Wrap products are cool, breathable and comfortable and help to distribute the weight of the newborn or toddler evenly across the back, leaving the mother (or other adult), virtually “hands-free” to perform other tasks.

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Maya Wrap offers a variety of simple multi-use products designed to keep infants and newborns close and safe while allowing the mother to perform both indoor and outdoor activities and are also indispensable while traveling and all of the products are available in a variety of fashionable colors and designs.

The two most popular items are the Sling and the Pouch. Both are machine washable in cold water and are unpadded so they can easily be carried in a purse or diaper bag. And, as mentioned, they are made of 100% Guatemalan fabric. With both the Sling and the Pouch, newborns and toddlers up to 35 pounds can be comfortably “worn” in nursing, front, kangaroo, hip and back positions. While both products perform essentially the same functions, there are some advantages and disadvantages to consider before purchasing.  

A primary advantage to the Sling is that each edge is adjustable to allow for customization of fit. The Sling is available in four lengths based on the height and size of the adult. Probably one of the most important advantages is to nursing mothers. Since new mothers often find it difficult to nurse their newborns while in public, a definite advantage is that the tails can be placed over the shoulder when nursing, to provide complete coverage and privacy. No longer is it necessary for mothers to find a place to “hide” while nursing. Another advantage is that the Sling has a pocket suitable for carrying a diaper. Finally, the Sling can be used as a harness for toddlers or as a shopping cart strap. A minor disadvantage to using the Sling is that it needs to be readjusted with each use.

The primary advantages to using the Pouch are that it is less bulky than the Sling and there is no need to readjust it for each wear. Once the zipper is adjusted for size, the Pouch is slipped over the shoulder, the baby is added, and the mother is “good to go”.  If another adult needs re-adjustment for use, The Pouch has preset settings and the Pouch can be easily unzipped and re-zipped to a new setting. As with the Sling, the Pouch is available in different sizes based on the height and build of the adult.

Additional products offered by Maya Wrap include the Nori Vest for wear over any baby carrier during cold weather and the Mama Baby Sling which can be used alone or with a second Baby Sling to distribute weight evenly across both shoulders and the back.

Maya Wrap has designed a product line that offers parents, grandparents and other family members a comfortable, convenient and safe semi-hands-free way to “wear” newborns and toddlers. L.K.F.

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