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MONTESSORI CONCEPTS - Quality Montessori Materials at a Fraction of the Cost

1557 Scenic Drive, Pasadena, CA.  91103 • 626-529-0995 •

Review by Linda K. Foster

Montessori Concepts was developed with the goal of making Montessori materials accessible to everyone. Prior to founding Montessori Concepts, Company President, Johann, worked for a leading Montessori material supplier and noted numerous requests from new school owners and homeschool parents for more affordable products. From these requests came the idea for Montessori Concepts.  By reducing manufacturing costs, and maintaining low overhead, Montessori Concepts is able to offer products that are both affordable and of high quality.

Montessori Concepts offers an exciting array of wooden math, sensory, practical, geography, botany, and language products designed to assist in providing a quality Montessori education. In the area of Math, Montessori Concepts offers binomial and trinomial wooden boxes. Each box contains painted wooden cubes (8 cubes in the binomial box and 27 cubes in the trinomial box). The hinged boxes open out to display the cubes and the lid of each box is painted with the respective (binomial or trinomial) square pattern. Another quality math product is the Spindle Box with 45 Spindles. This product is comprised of 2 wooden boxes with 5 compartments each with the numerals 0 – 9 painted above each compartment. A Loose Spindles box containing 45 loose wooden spindles is also included.

For sensory stimulation, Montessori Concepts offers such items as Cylinder Boxes, Broad Stairs, Knobless Cylinders, and Constructive Triangles. Cylinder Boxes are sets of 4 blocks with cylinders varying in height and/or diameter in each solid wood block. The Broad Stair or Brown Stair consists of 10 hardwood prisms stained to a brown sheen and  ranging from 1 x 1 x 20 cm to 10 x 10 x 20 cm. Knobless Cylinders are 4 sets of 10 cylinders each varying in height and/or diameter. Each set is in a separate box with the lid painted the same color as the cylinders. Constructive Triangles consist of 5 wooden boxes with lids containing triangles in different sizes, shapes and bright colors and a rectangular box containing 14 colored triangles. Each of these unique wooden sets provides hours of entertaining fun and stimulation.

To assist in language education, Montessori Concepts offers a selection of boxed letter sets. The Sandpaper Letters set includes 26 lower case letters with consonants on pink wooden boards and vowels on blue boards. Upper and lower case cursive sandpaper letters and capital sandpaper letters are also available and, again, are presented with consonants on pink wooden boards and vowels on blue boards. Large and Small Moveable Alphabet sets each consist of two wooden boxes containing 5 of each consonant in red and 10 of each vowel in blue.

Fine Motor Skills are easily developed using the Practical items which include framed press buttons, large buttons, hooks and eyes, laces, bows, buckles and zippers. Each item is made of a durable hand woven material presented in a hardwood frame measuring 30 cm x 31.5 cm.

Montessori Concepts offers a variety of wooden puzzle maps for the study of US, Canadian, European, Asian and World geography. Each colorful map measures 57 cm x 44.5 cm and has wooden knobs located at the capital of each.

Finally, the subject of Botany is addressed with an assortment of small wooden botany puzzles measuring 24 cm x 24 cm complete with wooden knobs. Colorful leaf, tree, flower and animal puzzles are available from Montessori Concepts.

Every item offered by Montessori Concepts is carefully crafted and presented. With customer satisfaction as its priority concern, Montessori Concepts offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its products. Montessori Concepts is so confident of its prices and quality that it encourages potential customers to check out the competition first.

For additional information or to purchase these and other quality products, please visit www.montessoriconcepts.comL.F. ■

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