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Musical Word Magic
Published by Bullseye Educational Products
Available at

by Linda FosterMusical Word Magic

Enter the world of education through music with Musical Word Magic. Using various musical genres, thisprogram exposes students to music while teaching the alphabet and language skills. Developed by a certified speech therapist/reading teacher, MWM is presented in CD and Karaoke format, so students are not simply observers in the process -- they are active participants, reinforcing the material. All 26 songs (one for each letter of the alphabet) are original and fun to listen to.

Students learn the alphabet, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, oral and written vocabulary and comprehension, all in the form of enjoyable music and coloring books. The many components, CDs, Karaoke and books, are available separately and MWM works with special needs students, too.

Musical Word Magic is an incredible and affordable learning tool that helps build vocabulary in an exciting way. For more information and to purchase this product, please visit LF


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