True Green Kids
100 Things You Can Do to Save the Planet
By Kim McKay and Jenny Bonnin, with a foreward by David de Rothchild

$ 15.95 / $ 18.00Can


True Green Kids is the one book every library and home should have for the next
generation. This vital children’s title is an innovative collection of fun and practical
ways to help kids become agents for environmental change in their world.
With fresh, new strategies and a bright , friendly design True Green Kids invites the whole family to embark on an eco – adventure through a series of fun ideas that
can be applied everywhere from the living room to the local park. Underscoring
its message of individual awareness and action with beautiful color illustrations
and lively text, the book puts an energetic spin on conservation, making environmental
stewardship exciting and empowering for young kids. The text is filled with
imaginative tactics that kids will eagerly explore, from a recycling- minded clothing swap with friends to a role-reversal plan urging Mom and Dad to save energy. Also listed are easy-to –follow web references and activities to encourage all ages to nurture a healthier planet.

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