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National Educational Music Company (NEMC)

POB 1130, 1181 Route 22, Mountainside, NJ 07092
Ph: 800-526-4593 • Email: info@nemc.com

by Michael Leppert

For 50 years, NEMC has been providing the finest complete musical instrument rental program for local community music stores. Their innovative turnkey approach can enable local dealers to offer high-quality instruments to help provide your child with the best possible learning experience.

Homeschoolers appreciate the arts. They understand the positive effect that graphic arts and music have on the developing brain and personality of children. They also understand that the public school proclivity to make budget cutbacks on music education and resources, in particular, is a disastrous mistake. It is not uncommon for families to begin homeschooling in the lower grades because the local school has eliminated music and art study from its curriculum. The study of music – especially beginning in the elementary grade level -- has been repeatedly demonstrated to increase the child’s ability in math processing, self-esteem and concentration. Playing an instrument is one of the most important academic activities a child can engage in.

When it is time to consider music lessons for your child, your local music store is the first resource you think of. You need a qualified teacher and must also be able to rent a high-quality instrument so that your child has a satisfying experience and does not experience the frustration which an inferior instrument can produce. (Many times, a child’s enthusiasm can be dampened by struggling with an instrument that is unnecessarily difficult to play or keep tuned.)

NEMC makes it easy and affordable for your local music dealer to offer an excellent rental program, if he doesn’t already have one – or if he would like to offer a better one. NEMC provides everything your dealer needs: Top-quality inventory, rental agreements, billing, insurance, even a repair program, to enhance your dealer’s services and make it easy for you to find the instrument that is just right for your child. Their rentals conform to state and local laws governing rental and they provide damage waivers with no deductible, so that if your rented instrument is damaged, you can have it repaired or replaced at no cost. Your dealer can provide you with a loaner instrument through the program, as well.

NEMC offers the proven standard popular band and orchestral instruments for young players, including violins, violas, celli, trumpets, cornets, trombones, flutes, clarinets, piccolos, oboes, alto & tenor saxophones, and bell kits (which are a 2-1/2 octave mounted bells, with stand & mallets) or drum kits (consisting of a snare drum, practice pad and sticks) and combinations of the two kits for orchestral percussion students. A very attractive feature for the violin, viola and cello students is that NEMC allows the child to move throughout the size changes, and the rental payments apply – from a smaller size instrument up to a to a larger size instrument, and the customer owns the larger size instrument when all is paid!

Since NEMC also provides school districts with special bid pricing for instrument purchases, if you belong to a charter school or ISP, you can speak to them about making sure that NEMC is on their permanent bid list. You can even start a homeschool band or orchestra! There are many skilled music directors available and with a company like NEMC, it is feasible to have a homeschool support group of at least 150-200 families contain enough interested young musicians to mount such a project! All it takes is your local dealer and NEMC’s rental program.

NEMC is always looking for new music dealers who wish to become affiliates, so please, ask your local dealer if they are affiliated with NEMC. Music store owners often don’t realize how much of a financial and time-consuming drain an independent rental program can be. Since NEMC takes responsibility for the pertinent licenses, fees, and burdensome work associated with instrument rentals, affiliation with NEMC will not cause the dealer to lose any of his autonomy, but will enhance the service he can provide. NEMC also offers training to repairmen or potential repairmen for NEMC affiliates, so if your local dealer is interested, someone can be trained to further support the dealer’s service to the community.  

If you have a child who is interested in learning to play an instrument, please visit NEMC’s website, and also talk with your local music store about this excellent rental program. NEMC does not rent directly, but only through local community music dealers. M.L.

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