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Driver's Education

One Click Driver’s – California Training for only $69.95

Golden State Private School • 5440-F Thornwood, San Jose, Ca 95123 • Toll Free: 1-866-301-0828
________________ offers online driver's education courses to high school students throughout California. Our courses are developed by Golden State Private Schools, an institution licensed by the California board of education and recognized by the Department of Motor Vehicles. To-date we have helped over 60,000 California residents obtain their driver's license.'s home study course is developed by Golden State Private Schools. It's Curriculum of driver's education and drug and alcohol awareness is created by the licensed instructor, operator, and owner of the San Francisco Bay Area’s premier driving instructional school. Upon completion of our course, students will receive official certificates issued by the California Department Of Motor Vehicles.

We offer our online and home study courses to students at least 15 years of age or current high school students. This course has helped students through out California from Eureka to San Diego.

To obtain a Minor’s Provisional License, you must complete a number of requirements, which are listed on our website. One Click will guide you through the completion of the written portion of these requirements.

If you choose to use One Click’s online course, you simply have to set up an account with us, and once your payment is approved, you can begin working immediately from your computer. We instruct the student in learning the points that are covered in the written exam and provide practice questions at the end of each chapter to test your knowledge of the material just covered.  The major difference between our online course and home study version is the fact that the online course is self-directed and has a faster speed of delivery. With the home study course, we mail you the materials you need and we suggest that your parents be involved in the study process to assist you in each step. The textbook is divided into sections and there are practice questions at the end of each chapter, just like the online edition.

Please visit our website, for complete information and to register. We thank you for choosing One Click Driver’s Ed as your California source for excellent driver’s education!


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