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Columbia College

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About Online Campus
If work, military or family obligations have kept you from attending a
traditional college, you are an excellent candidate for pursuing your
college degree online. The Online Campus at Columbia College offers you an
affordable and convenient option for earning your college degree.

Founded in 1851, Columbia College prides itself on its ability to change
with the times by offering educational programs that meet the needs of an
ever-changing society. The college often has been among the first colleges
to try "daring experiments" in higher education such as educating women or
military personnel and adult learners through evening classes. Nearly 16,000
students take at least one online course each year at Columbia College.

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Independent Study in Idaho

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Independent Study in Idaho delivers over 100 college undergraduate, graduate, and high school distance education courses in online and print-based formats in over 30 subject areas to more than 1,600 students each year. Independent Study in Idaho college courses parallel their on-campus counterparts in content and completion standards.  People from all walks of life, worldwide, take ISI courses to begin college programs early, resolve on-campus class-time conflicts, satisfy prerequisites, pursue professional development, and for personal enrichment.  Courses are self-paced and available anytime, anywhere; students have one full year to complete ISI courses. Idaho residency is not required. Independent Study in Idaho courses carry semester-hour credit from one of the four consortium institutions and may be applied toward a degree at one of the consortium institutions or transferred to other institutions that accept ISI credits.

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University of Texas Online/Distance Learning High School

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The University of Texas High School provides flexible scheduling for students who prefer not to attend a traditional high school. Students can work on distance learning courses at their own pace anywhere, anytime, according to their individual circumstances.

Under the UT High School program, students can earn a diploma from The University of Texas High School. The UT High School offers a state-approved educational alternative for students in Texas or elsewhere who want to earn a high school diploma and need or prefer the flexibility of distance education to complete their work.

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