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Orca Book Publishers – Excellent Fiction for Young Readers – Reluctant – and Not!

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Orca Book Publishers offers a unique and refreshing eye in handling great books for young readers. Orca provides excellent fiction reading for struggling and non-struggling readers alike.

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Useful for all readers, including those who are struggling, Orca Book Publishers introduced the Orca Currents series several years ago. Consisting of 35 titles, Currents provides short, contemporary novels for middle-school readers that are readable and popular. Written at a grade level of 2.0 to 4.5, these books are perfect for struggling and striving middle school students.

Orca has always stressed the importance of story and using established authors and they have quickly built a wide audience for these books. In-depth teachers’ guides are also available.

Publisher Andrew Wooldridge says of the series: “We are delighted to see the response to these books from middle-school students. We continually have teachers and librarians telling us that they are turning non-readers into readers and encouraging a whole new generation to pick up a book.” Proving the point, a teacher said recently, “The series continues to be a huge success with my kids. Although, all of a sudden I have a whole new set of problems: Kids reading when I'm trying to teach and kids refusing to put books away after silent reading.” It is ironic for the teacher who only teaches reluctant and struggling readers!

Besides the Currents line, Orca also offers high-quality fiction for readers age 8 to 13 and they carry specific titles from other publishers, most noteworthy being the Holocaust Series by Second Story Press. This fiction series consists of nine books about different children and their lives during World War II in Nazi-controlled Europe. All nine deal with the Holocaust in a sensitive way, to inform young readers of this awful part of modern history that everyone should know about.

Another valuable line of books carried by Orca, published by other companies is the 20-volume Deal With It series from Lorimer & Co. Each book addresses a different challenging aspect of growing up – “Authority” “Bullying” “Arguing” and so forth, providing useful guides for parents in discussing these situations with their offspring.

Orca has a large selection of reading material that is worth spending some time perusing, since enjoying the act of reading means so much to one’s learning and educational “success”. For much more on Orca’s intelligent and enlightened offerings, please visit


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