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Bumble Bars: The Perfect Treat for Busy Bees

By Linda Pliagas

With families juggling so many responsibilities today, it’s difficult for children and adults alike to eat healthy. BumbleBars makes it easy to get essential nutrients on the run.

BumbleBars, made with peanuts and sesame seads (accented with vanilla and cinnamon), are organic energy bars. These snacks are gluten-free and cholesterol-free, vegan and provide high fiber. BumbleBars are certified organic by the Washington Sate Department of Agriculture.

With flavors like Lushus Lemon, Chai with Almonds, Chocolate Crisp, Tasty Tropical and Chunky Cherry, Bumble Bars not only satisfy a person’s craving for goodies, but they also replenish the body with lost nutrients.

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Texas Natural Supply

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By Linda Pliagas

Hollie Mulhaupt, RN, RMT, was working grueling 12-hour shifts as a registered nurse in Intensive Care Units and Emergency Rooms in Central Texas hospitals when she started studying alternative medicine.  “I became interested in herbal therapies and alternative treatments because I saw how the medical profession was really good at treating medical emergencies, but it wasn’t nearly as good at treating long-term illnesses or in preventing disease.”

Mulhaupt started Texas Herbal Body Solutions LLC  in 2003 as a part-time business, her natural soaps and lotions quickly took off and she slowly made the transition from a part time business to a full-fledged company with employees.

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