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Summer Camps

Oxbow Summer Art Camp

Phone: 707-255-6000

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"Last year, my daughter had the privilege of attending the Oxbow Summer camp. The three weeks at Oxbow changed my her life. She came home with a greater sense of purpose and a magnified passion for art and many new friends. She valued her experience so much that she immediately applied and was accepted for the Oxbow semester program. It's still hard for me to believe that three weeks can have that much impact on someone, but it truly did. Thanks to Oxbow, my daughter is inspired, embracing greater responsibility, and excited about her future. It has expanded her vision and changed her life.” Gretchen, Parent


The Oxbow School offers a unique summer camp opportunity for 14 to 16 year-olds who want to explore their creativity, develop their artistic talent, make lifelong friendships and have FUN! 
Unlike the general perception of art camps, we don't do busy craft projects. Staff are professional artists, teachers and graduates from some of the finest art schools around the country. They work with the campers individually, emphasizing the conceptual as well as the technical aspects of art,  encouraging them to seek out their own artistic interests while learning at their own pace and being challenged to broaden their horizons.

The goal is to inspire and nurture creativity and enhance art skills. Each individual’s uniqueness is honored and “held” within the arena of the safety and unity of the camp community. It is an arena that promotes self-discovery, self-confidence, and creative expression, where respect of self, others, and the environment; risk-taking; openness; honesty, and a nonjudgmental atmosphere are highly valued.


In addition to 4-6 hours per day of studio time, guest artists, and field trips, campers experience a host of camp activities including campfires, field games, kayaking, talent shows, and swimming and lots more.
The Oxbow Summer Art Camp is unique in its low 4-to-1
camper-to-staff ratio, outstanding facilities, high-level instruction, incredible food, and stunning Napa Valley location.

Students live in dorm suites. Each suite has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a common area. Meals are in our award-winning, refurbished Victorian Dining Hall and served by chefs who value locally and seasonally grown, organic (where possible) nutritious food.

There are four state-of-the-art studios each facing the Napa River. Each has roll up glass walls making them virtually outdoors.To take a virtual tour of our facilities, go to the tour on our website:

After an initial 4 days covering the fundamentals in each of our four state-of-the-art studios, campers propose a large personal project that they want to focus on and develop during the remainder of camp. In this non-competitive environment surrounded by the encouragement and support of staff and fellow campers, students return home with concrete evidence of their growth, a personally significant piece of work, a host of new friends and a heightened awareness of art. No portfolios, applications, or previous art training are needed just the desire to dive in, take risks, and see what happens.

There is a final show on the last night of camp. This is a chance for family and friends, many of whom fly in from around the country, to view and celebrate the camper’s accomplishments. To view past students final projects visit to our camp photo and art galleries at

Based on the Oxbow semester model, these sessions focus on creating project-based art in a wide variety of media. Taught by professional artists and teachers, the first week campers explore the fundamentals in drawing, painting, sculpture, fabrication and photography, to find and develop their own particular interests and creativity.

They are also exposed to a wide variety of artistic styles and different artist's work. They engage in discussions on why artists create and where they get their inspiration from. At that point, they are well prepared to propose a "final project" in the medium of their choice around a topic that has personal relavance to them. The remainer of the session is devoted to working in the studio to bring that piece being. Along the way they learn the steps of the artistic process from idea to creation, peer feedback, reflection and writing about their process, hanging/presenting the piece and having it viewed by the public.

Digital and Black & White Darkroom Photography
Fabrication & Installation
Media/Computer Arts

SESSION 1: July 3—July 19, 2009
SESSION 2: July 26 —August 11, 2009

Sessions 1 and 2 are offered independent of each other.
Students can take either Session 1 or Session 2 or both.

In both sessions, campers creativity is nurtured, explored and developed. Students come away from the program inspired by what they've seen and learned, with enhanced art skills, a circle of like-minded, like-hearted, artist friends, and a personally significant piece of work.

Family and friends are invited to come to the final show on the last night of each session to view and celebrate the camper's accomplishments.

* 13 year olds accepted with permission of Director

“Oxbow started out as an Art Camp and turned into an Art Family!” Adrianna, Camper

Every year we fill up earlier and earlier. Spaces are limited to 48 campers per session. For more information or to speak with the director, call 707-255-6000, send us an e-mail at or visit our website at

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