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Classroom 121
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Classroom 121
by Linda Pliagas

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Science can be very intimidating for some children -- even for adults.

In college, I waited to take physics until the last possible semester because I was so afraid. After a few classes, I shamelessly dropped out of the course. While I take full responsibility for my failure, upon retrospect, I realize it was not entirely all my fault.

Our instructor spoke English with a very heavy accent, making it extremely difficult for me to comprehend the scientific concepts he was dishing out to us at 100 miles per hour. Plus, every time I raised my hand to ask a question, he made me feel as if I were bothering him and holding back the entire class.

After the disappointment and anxiety wore off, I found Classroom 121’s High School Physics DVD Series and made an interesting discovery: Physics is actually fun!

How can it not be fun to learn and understand how the laws of our universe actually work?

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Kinetic Books
“Conceptual Physics”
By Linda Pliagas

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“To any action there is always an opposite and equal reaction.”
Sir Isaac Newton's third law of relativity may seem complex enough for adults to comprehend, but now try to explain this scientific concept to a 12-year-old.
Before you toss up your arms in angst and go through the expense of hiring a tutor, visit

With the ease of a click, parents can better equip their children with the very best in physics education.  Conceptual Physics is a new comprehensive digital textbook that is sure to not only teach vital mathematical concepts, but also keep youngsters alert and interested.

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