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Review by Linda K. Foster

If your child wants to learn to play the piano but your musical skills and/or bank account are sorely lacking in substance, Piano for Preschoolers is exactly what you need. Piano for Preschoolers is a fun and educational system that allows children to play songs on their very first try. And, whether it’s been a long time since you studied music or you’ve never played a note, Piano for Preschoolers makes it possible for you to successfully teach your preschooler to play the piano.

Every year, millions of children start piano lessons only to quit when they become bored practicing the same notes over and over again. Most of these children simply assume they have no musical talents and miss the chance to develop a love of music and the improved math skills that naturally go with it. Research comparing the effects of musical and non-musical training on the intellectual development of preschoolers and shows that preschoolers who received piano/keyboard training performed 34% higher on tests measuring spatial-temporal ability. Whether a child is being prepared for public or homeshooling, piano/keyboard training gives them an advantage in mathematics, science and engineering.

With over 30 years of classical piano training, Founder and homeschool Mom, Angie Crellin knows firsthand the joy that comes from playing the piano. First released in October 2005, Piano for Preschoolers was designed to be used by preschoolers as soon as they recognize their colors.  It is one of the few available programs that doesn’t use distracting gimmicks or cartoon characters to teach young children. Piano for Preschoolers teaches children to read real notes and play them on real keys from the very start. The Piano for Preschoolers method uses color-coded notes written on a traditional musical staff to teach beginning piano. A durable color strip sits behind the keys and guides the child to the correct key for each note. The color strips guide them but they are actually seeing and playing real music.

Piano for Preschoolers is an exciting, affordable teaching method that includes all of the concepts necessary for preschoolers to master beginning piano. Each lesson introduces a specific concept that is applied with a corresponding song. The system includes a Parent/Teacher Guide with step-by-step instructions for each song in the songbook. The well-written Guide walks parents/teachers through each concept and provides everything necessary to effortlessly teach each piano/keyboard lesson.
Using the innovative Piano for Preschoolers method, children learn to instantly play songs they recognize. In Lesson One, children learn how each note corresponds to a color on the color-strip, where to find middle C and how to play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.  By Lesson 6, children will learn proper finger positioning, which keys make higher and which make lower sounds, how to measure the lengths of tones, and how to identify quarter and half notes on a musical staff. They will also begin to learn about rhythm by knowing that quarter notes get one beat and half notes get two beats. By the end of Lesson 19, children will be playing piano using both hands and will be well on their way to mastering a 17 song repertoire. With few exceptions, children thrive on success and once they experience the pride of performing the first few songs using the Piano for Preschoolers system, they will be motivated to continue to learn. And, once parents see how easy it is to teach piano/keyboard to their children using this carefully designed system, they will motivated to continue to teach.

In a matter of approximately two short years, Piano for Preschoolers has garnered a grateful following of homeschool parents and children and has also been the recipient of the prestigious Parent-to-Parent Adding Wisdom Award, 2006 Best 100 Products, the only award program to ever be honored by Disney.

Remember, with the Piano for Preschoolers learning system, children play familiar tunes on their very first try and parents with and without prior musical training are successfully transformed into music teachers. Everyone benefits from this joyful experience.

To purchase the Piano for Preschoolers learning system, the Holiday Song Book or for information on the upcoming Sacred Song Book, please visit   L.K.F.■

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