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Plays the Drama Magazine

By Melissa Stepan

Plays Magazine
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Whether it’s performed in a backyard or playground, a school or professional theatre, a play performed live can hold children’s attention, spark their imaginations, and boost their creativity in ways no other medium can. It’s exciting, engaging and just plain fun.

Plays, The Drama Magazine, provides it’s readers/subscribers ROYALTY FREE access to anywhere from 60 – 70 plays per year, including access to all the hundreds of plays published in the magazine over the past 63 years. Plays Magazine is published seven times per year (October – May). Each issue contains eight to ten one-act, age appropriate plays for students in lower, middle, and upper grades.

You are highly encouraged to log onto to view some of their best-selling play collections which include:

The Very Best Christmas Plays For Kids
Plays include thoughtful adaptations of holiday classics (A Christmas Carol, The Nutcracker, The Gift of the Magi, and The Shoemaker and the Elves) and a rich assortment of over a dozen contemporary comedies and dramas that will appeal to the younger actors.

Lively Plays for Young Actors 12 One-Act Comedies for Stage.
Lively Plays for Young Actors, Ms. Christina Hamlett’s newest play collection, is guaranteed to amuse even the most demanding young actors and audiences.

Stage Plays from the Classics
Fifteen one-act adaptations of short stories, novels, and plays using the dialogue and language of the original works. Included are The Prince and the Pauper, Oliver Twist, Dracula, Les Miserables, and for round-the-table reading, Cyrano de Bergerac.

Awesome Plays for Teens and Tweens
A fresh, new collection of fifteen plays from the pen of Christina Hamlett, a master of clever repartee, snappy one-liners, and thoughtful resolutions. The material in this volume is guaranteed to entertain and challenge the bright, talented teens of today, encouraging them to spread their wings and make the most of their talents.   
Plays of Great Achievers
A collection of plays presenting dramatic episodes that highlight the accomplishments of Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Marie Curie, Louis Pasteur, Albert Einstein, Clara Barton, and many others. Young actors will find a variety of challenging roles in this volume that will entertain audiences of all ages.

Plays, The Drama Magazine, offers something for everyone. Even children who are shy about performing can help with costumes, makeup, set design, props, and much more. For over 60 years, teachers, drama directors, librarians, and young people have turned to Plays as a reliable source of wholesome and entertaining dramatic material and we suggest you do too. By subscribing to Plays Magazine your home, classroom, and special occasion activities will be enlivened with charming new age appropriate plays and programs. Please visit their website soon and inform your family of the great values to be found in the study of drama -- MS


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