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Five Tools to Build Character

What is character? How do we instill Christian character in our children? As parents, we are always looking for various ways to instill and encourage character in our children.  Our fast paced lives and the society we live in has a way of robbing parents of time and methods of teaching and encouraging character in their children.
At Pumpkin Seed Press, we’ve made it our mission to help provide families with the tools they need for Godly Christian character building in our children.  We know and understand the value of being present in your child’s growth, helping to establish their Christian character from the very beginning…here are 5 tools to assist you in building character into your child’s life!

Tool #1 Character Building Stories

Children’s literature has long been a barometer of where the culture is socially. For example, during the Victorian era, it was common to look through the materials available for children’s literature and find literary depictions of innocence, faith, duty, and virtue. But parents, you do have a choice. You have a choice in what you offer your children to read. By allowing your children to explore morally encouraging, character building and challenging Christian books, you are allowing their very character to be formed by the Christian values that you hold dear. Take a look and discover some of the character building books we offer here at Pumpkin Seed Press.

 Tool # 2 Bible Studies
Our Bible studies for young men and young women help to foster relationships throughout their lives, while instilling a sense of uprightness and responsibility for their future. When you start a bible study for children at a young age, you help to build their character while instilling a sense of Godly discipline. The structure of Bible study is a perfect way to introduce the Word every day, a habit that is well suited for lifelong adherence. Pumpkin Seed Press has a large variety of inspiring Bible studies for all ages.

Tool # 3 Manners and Etiquette
Sometimes it does feel like good manners and etiquette are something of the past. So few people seem to realize the importance of raising children to have good manners, including table manners and etiquette.  At Pumpkin Seed Press, we have a variety of books designed to help you teach your children the importance of manners and etiquette in their daily lives. Establishing good manners can help your child as they grow, so they can navigate a variety of situations in life with grace and ease. Good manners aren’t just a matter of show; they’re a valuable asset in societal situation, an important component to making lasting relationships.

Tool # 4 Purity Jewelry
In a world that continually seems to profit from loose morality, Pumpkin Seed Press brings a Light to shine your message of Christian purity and hope. Our line of purity jewelry is crafted of the highest quality, to display a message of the value of the gift of purity. God’s message is clear to us, that we are destined for that one special love; help your children value their gifts with these exceptional purity necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Giving purity jewelry as a gift to your child indicates that you are involved in the important aspects of their lives, and take responsibility and accountability for their conduct.

Tool # 5 Tea Time Products
Celebrate the joy of childhood with a children’s tea party set from Pumpkin Press. This age old tradition can be a centerpiece for character building and connection with your child in a wonderful way. Many little girls have tea parties on their own, imagining the fun with teddy bears and dolls. But participating with your daughter can be a way to find closeness together and become a valued part of your child’s tea party. A tea party is a lovely place to teach manners, etiquette and even talk about topics pertaining to character.
Take a look around Pumpkin Seed Press, and add some new tools to help you build character into your child’s lives.



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