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Musical Word Magic
Published by Bullseye Educational Products
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Musical Word Magic

by Linda Foster

Enter the world of education through music with Musical Word Magic. Using various musical genres, this program exposes students to music while teaching the alphabet and language skills. Developed by a certified speech therapist/reading teacher, MWM is presented in CD and Karaoke format, so students are not simply observers in the process -- they are active participants, reinforcing the material. All 26 songs (one for each letter of the alphabet) are original and fun to listen to.

Students learn the alphabet, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, oral and written vocabulary and comprehension, all in the form of enjoyable music and coloring books. The many components, CDs, Karaoke and books, are available separately and MWM works with special needs students, too.

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A Beka Book
Phonics/Reading Program
A Beka Book

Teach Your Child to Read with A Beka Book. Children learn basic reading skills  through an intensive phonics program, not just a sight-reading program garnished with phonics. Most reading programs use the whole-language sight-memory (or look-say) method, even though many books and articles expose the deficiencies of this method. Other reading programs add phonics here or there to give the appearance of teaching phonics, but do not effectively use the basics of an intensive phonics program. With the A Beka Book phonics approach, children become confident and motivated as their reading skills develop-by the third grade, they can read anything. Even the lower-ability child can learn to read successfully, so there are no non-readers. – Online Education in Math & Language Arts

We all can remember excelling in certain subjects as children and having trouble with others. It’s something that no matter whom you are nor what age you are, you will always find that certain subjects, tasks, and/or even physical activities come more easily to you than others. When faced with this problem, it is important to always research and locate the appropriate tools needed to help strengthen your knowledge and success in that not-so-easy subject. This is where Dositey,com comes in. Dositey, whose mission is to provide high quality, easily accessible and affordable online education content to homeschool families and schools, provides its students with Internet lessons, courses, exercises, worksheets, and other critical thinking worksheets for both Math and Language Arts.

Dositey was founded in 1998 and is based in Boston, Massachusetts. Their programs are designed to be short, yet interactive and fun, thus ensuring that kids stay interested and focused so that they may learn efficiently. Most homeschooling parents are responsible for one, two, three -- or even more -- children’s education and typically this scenario leads to a lack of free time. If you have found yourself short on time but want to continue to play a large role in the learning process of your child, then is just the right place for you. Dositey’s interactive lessons and exercises are in the form of single-topic, compact units and are especially designed to be easy to use. Dositey provides worksheets, activities and creative assignments all of which are 100% printable and accessible off their website. Dositey also offers a variety of games for each topic, thus making their educational journey fun and less likely to cause boredom.

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Babies Learn to Read with Innovative New Program Developed by Homeschool Mom

It used to be that parents would relish their baby’s attempt to crawl or mumble jibberish, but those developmental benchmarks seem to actually be limiting our children’s innate abilities and talents.

Nowadays, babies are not just saying “dada”, they’re actually…READING! 

“From birth to 5 years of age a child's brain is developing at an extreme rate,” says Krista Guerrero, the creator of Monki See Monki Doo, a learning system designed to teach reading to babies and toddlers.

But just how much information do children really absorb after a certain amount of time spent on a lesson? has a philosophy that children need not spend hour after hour listening to information or be chained to the computer for a long period of time.  With their engaging, interactive games and lessons, children can learn, absorb and retain the important fundamentals needed for a lifetime of success.

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By Teachers4Teachers Publications

Skilled readers don’t just read, they interact with the text and Reading Box Blue by Teachers 4 Teachers Publications is just the thing to start young readers on right path.

There is no doubt that reading is fundamental, and basic literacy skills are critical for learning to read, but the ultimate goal of reading is comprehension.  Reading comprehension is what allows readers to interact with the text in a meaningful way.  It’s the bridge from passive reading to active reading—from letters and words to characters and context.  Reading comprehension is the crucial link to effective reading—a strong factor in our educational and professional lives. For many, reading comprehension also unlocks the door to a lifetime of reading recreation and enjoyment.

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Read, Write & Type Learning System (RWTLS)

Fortunately for all homeschoolers who enjoy using their computers as educational assistants, software designers never seem to rest! There are great educational products constantly being developed for our Macs and PCs. No matter what topic one wishes to study or teach his/her child, there is a software program to assist.

Talking Fingers, Inc. is one of the most innovative software companies in the educational field. From their website: “The Talking Fingers approach is based on a simple idea: text is speech made visible! We use our mouths to talk, to make the sounds of words. We use our fingers (with a pencil or keyboard) to represent those sounds on paper. When children learn to link speech sounds with letters, they can use the alphabet code to write any word they can say. Their fingers are ‘talking’.”

The TFI base program, Read, Write & Type Learning System, is designed for grades K-3, to teach phonics, reading, writing and keyboard skills. With word-processing being so important a part of everyone’s work – whether high school or college students or working adults in all walks of life – teaching this vital skill to little
ones is an intelligent move and combining it with other study areas is even better.

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Rime to Read

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Lynn Klaiman was working as a first-grade teacher when she became inspired to develop books for beginning readers. “As a teacher, I would hear parents complain that there was nothing available to use at home to teach reading,” she says.

Shortly thereafter Rime to Read, a series of 20 short books was created by Klaiman, who holds a master’s degree in reading, and Sara Hines, Ph.D., a learning specialist and university professor.

Rime To Read is unique in the fact that it utilizes onsets and rimes as a way of introducing words to youngsters. Rimes (not rhymes), also called word families, are words that sound and look alike, such as the “at” in Pat, cat, and sat. By comparison, rhymes are words that sound alike, but do not always look alike (care, hair, where).

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