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Reading Skills

Start Teaching Your Child to Read Today!

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By Natasha Pirtz

As we watch our children grow, it’s obvious we want what’s best for them. We want them to become strong and intelligent individuals. The preparation we provide for our children will determine their strength and intellectual success. If you are trying to figure out, where to start, when teaching your child to read, then the Reading Lesson is a perfect support for you! Check them out at This is an affordable, user-friendly program that you don’t want your child to be without. The website provides endless reviews to ensure that the program works.

Creators, Charan Langton and Michael Levin (pediatrician, specializing in behavioral, attention and learning problems in young children), found themselves in this situation when their daughter was four years old.  She learned the alphabet, and they were waiting for her to start reading some simple words. They purchased several reading programs that didn’t work. She wouldn’t listen to the tapes and the flash cards were all over the house. Disappointed, they made their own exercises and stories for her to read. They researched books on reading instruction for children and other academic material. After their study, they interviewed parents and teachers, and began to develop a simple, daily reading program. Michael’s understanding of child psychology and development, and Charan’s desire for a simple, easy-to-follow method, led them to create The Reading Lesson that has been around for 9 years.

The Reading Lesson is a multimedia program designed for children aged three to seven. Some unique features of this course also make it useful for older children with reading difficulties. The program has also been used with children with ADHD, LD, autism and Down Syndrome. The program incorporates video and CD-ROMs for those children who learn better with visual affects. The book includes 20 lessons; after about around seven lessons your child will begin to read.   

This step-by-step, easy-to-follow program works, and best of all, it is affordable. The Reading Lesson will provide a foundation for your child’s educational future. You don’t have to wonder where to start any longer, The Reading Lesson is here to put your mind at ease and your child’s mind to work.  N.P.

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