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Rime To Read

Virtual Rime Books for Beginning Readers
By Linda Pliagas


Lynn Klaiman was working as a first-grade teacher when she became inspired to develop books for beginning readers. “As a teacher, I would hear parents complain that there was nothing available to use at home to teach reading,” she says.

Shortly thereafter Rime to Read, a series of 20 short books was created by Klaiman, who holds a master’s degree in reading, and Sara Hines, Ph.D., a learning specialist and university professor.

Rime To Read is unique in the fact that it utilizes onsets and rimes as a way of introducing words to youngsters. Rimes (not rhymes), also called word families, are words that sound and look alike, such as the “at” in Pat, cat, and sat. By comparison, rhymes are words that sound alike, but do not always look alike (care, hair, where).

What makes Rime To Read unique, besides the fact that very few riming books are on the market, is the fact that the books are virtual.  They can be read at your desk or even while you are on a family vacation! For the affordable price of $49.95, homeschoolers can have access to the series of books anywhere, anytime.  The books can be comfortably read online or downloaded and printed.

The riming words are in vibrant colors, making it easy for children to identify word patterns. Each rime, or word family, is printed in a separate color.  “The color coding gives children a way to visually discriminate words that may look similar,” Klaiman explains, adding, “We made the overall look of the books simple intentionally.  We want the child to focus on the words.”

Klaiman and Hines, who has a doctorate degree in special education with a specialization in learning disabilities from the University of Maryland, created Rime To Read with a definite purpose.  “Every single word used in the series is specifically taught as a sight or rime word, it is a very controlled vocabulary.”

When asked about what advice she has for those homeschool parents who may be finding it difficult to teach their children reading skills, Klaiman has the following suggestions: “Follow the pace that your child puts forth. Don’t push them.  I equate reading to learning to walk.  They have to be developmentally ready.”

It is also very important for parents not to criticize children who may be struggling with reading. Instead find a way to motivate them. One technique that Klaiman likes to use to encourage a love of reading is to place a basket next to the child’s bed.  As they master a book, place it in the basket so they feel a sense of accomplishment. It also gives them a growing library of books they can read on their own.

Klaiman also says it’s important for a child to master each book before a new book is introduced.

The Rime To Read series offers an easy-to-use way for parents to teach their children the most important fundamentals of reading. THE LINK recommends and encourages parents to utilize the rime method in teaching their children to read.

Rime To Read,
Price: $49.95 for the set of 20 books, published by Rittenhouse Reading.
Rime To Read books are by Sara Hines, Ph.D., and Lynn Klaiman with illustrations by Shari Hookman Berger

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