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U.S. History

Roots of Freedom

Roots of Freedom Defines Patriotism

By Linda Pliagas

Patriotism is an integral part of our republic. Parents want to teach and instill a sense of respect for the teachings and philosophies of our Founding Fathers and the divinely inspired documents they wrote.  One organization that makes it simple for parents to do this is Roots of Freedom.

Roots of Freedom educates and inspires both young and old alike to understand the writings and theologies that are the foundation for the United States of America.

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Roots of Freedom ( is now introducing the all new Cries of Freedom Family Curriculum Package, which is intended to be a complete course created to educate and introduce a framework that constitutes our nation’s political philosophy and science.

The complete Family Package is an easy and cost-effective way to introduce a complex subject; it presents inspiring historical material creatively and respectfully.  It is set up as an exciting six-act play, starting with Cries of Tyranny which are events leading up to and including the Declaration of Independence. The other acts are Cries of War, Cries of Anarchy, Cries of Reform, Cries of Protection, and Cries of America. You can read some sample curriculum on the web site before you purchase.

This compelling and interactive course, which is now specially priced at $199 (regular price is $225), will inspire students to understand and respect the ideologies of the Founding Fathers and our nation’s fundamental documents.

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The Cries of Freedom Family Package consists of
            74 Complete Lesson Plans including:
41 Readers’ Theaters with accompanying student 
4 Narrative Lessons
5 Video Lessons
7 Constitution Reading Lessons
7 Constitution Bowls
6 Art History Lessons
4 Document History Lessons

        4 Interactive Experience Lessons
      38 Hours of Instruction
      75 Teaching Tips
      22 Readers’ Theaters Tips
      23 Assessment Strategies
     60 Review Quizzes
   145 Discussion Questions
       7 Writing Assignments
       3 Exams
       3 Writing Exams
       2 Venn Diagrams
       2 Time-lines
     47-Word Glossary

Your Cries of Freedom E-book includes the entire Teacher’s Edition, Student Edition and the Official Freedom Bowl Manual plus navigational tools and links that will make your use of the book fast and easy.

The Cries of Freedom Student Edition has all of the student scripts for the Readers' Theaters and Narrative Lessons that you can copy and use in the classroom or home.

For more information, please email:
Or, phone Roots of Freedom directly at: 1-877-917-1787


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