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ROUND BELLY CLOTHING - Beautiful On You; Easy On Mother Nature

5250 24th St. SW, Pine River, MN 56474 •

Review by Linda K. Foster

Expectant and nursing mothers seeking “Mother Earth friendly” clothing will be thrilled with the exciting line of clothing and accessories offered by Round Belly Clothing. Every aspect of this innovative company was developed with Mother Earth in mind. All of the clothing is manufactured from a variety of ecospun, organic cottons and hemp. The office paper is recycled, and most employees save gas and other expenses by working out of their homes to create a sustainable lifestyle that is gentle on Mother Earth and Mothers to be.

Round Belly Clothing arose from the frustration of a pregnant woman who couldn’t find anything to wear that would go over her belly past the 6th month stage. On the advice of her mother, she designed and continues to market soft, pretty and comfortable maternity clothing that is large enough to accommodate babies destined to be 9 or 10 pounds or more at birth. Clothing items are beautiful and stylish, are designed to make the round belly an asset, and can also fit tall and large women.

Round Belly Clothing offers a full line of beautiful, washable, and wearer-friendly organic maternity clothing from underclothes to aprons and tote bags. Organic cotton/lycra pants made with pockets and no gusset ensure a smooth fit for 9 months and beyond. Graceful 100% cotton under-belly, a-line skirts have 6” knit waist bands and 2 front side pockets. Available in red/purple plaid, these skirts are especially welcome on those days when tightness just won’t do. Hoodies made of super soft 100% organic cotton have centered pockets and are gathered by a string under the bust and at the bottom for great shape. Especially exciting is that Round Belly Clothing now offers unisex flannel hoodies that are soft and wearable but have no ties under the bust or at the bottom.

In addition to maternity clothing, Round Belly Clothing offers eco-friendly clothing for nursing mothers, women, an EnviroMen collection for men and the Eco Sprout organic clothing line for children. Designed by a nursing mother, the nursing line is manufactured with the same attention to detail and comfort that makes the maternity clothes so popular. This equally stylish clothing line offers a wide variety of Mother Earth friendly blouses, skirts, dresses, jackets and coats.

The EnviroMen line includes plaid shirts made of a buttery soft blend of 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. These popular shirts are cut nice and tall and have one front pocket. For more casual wear, the line offers a stuffy basic T-shirt made of 45% hemp and 55% cotton. The Ts are nice and thick and have an awesome nubby texture, perfect for layering or wearing alone in the summer.

Eco Sprout’s children clothes are healthier for children and the environment. Items are designed for long and beautiful wear and offers growth room features like rolled sleeves, adjustable waist bands and extra long hems. Each item is made from Earth Friendly fabrics like organic cotton, eco fleece and natural wools, and are home sewn.

For students, Round Belly Clothing offers Eco Sprout Organic School Uniforms, a collection of pieces that can be made in any color. The Navy hemp/tencel used in these uniforms is an amazingly soft, flowing  but tough twill and is ideally suited to withstand everyday school wear.

In essence, Round Belly Clothing offers “clothing with a pedigree”. Each item is as chemical free as possible and can be tracked from seed to finished garment. Round Belly Clothing makes wearers feel good about themselves. Regardless of age or gender, Round Belly Clothing can fill the need for comfortable, stylish, eco-friendly clothing.

For additional information on all of the items offered by Round Belly Clothing, please visit their website at www.roundbelly.comL.F.

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