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R-Tech Software – Huge Discounts on Relevant Software

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Review by Michael Leppert

The majority of homeschooling families have to make judicious choices in the materials they purchase. When you accept responsibility for teaching your own, you also have to make all of the decisions about materials and resources and this can often require juggling funds and keeping “wish” lists in conjunction with your budget.

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R-Tech Software company offers a fantastic opportunity to homeschool families to acquire great software programs – some of which are virtually essential – at incredible discounts -- up to 80% of off retail in many cases. R-Tech is a licensed educational reseller allowed to offer such massive discounts to all teachers and educators. Homeschool parents qualify as educators as discussed below.

When you visit the website,, you will see the wide array of significant software programs that are offered at educational discounts. The discounts offered vary with the company and the grade level. For instance, students in grades K-12, are not eligible for these discounts on Microsoft products, but college students and teachers are so eligible. All students are eligible for the discounts on Adobe products, Make Music (Finale notation software) and Sony products. When you print something using the Autodesk Computer Aided Drafting programs, each page has a watermark that states it is produced on an educational version of the program, rendering it unacceptable for any other level of use. (The upside is that the retail price is $3,000; R-tech offers it for $100 with the educational discount.) However, these minor restrictions have no dampening effect on the incredibly low prices R-Tech offers!

Imagine acquiring the Adobe Creative Suite for over $1,000 less than retail! This great package features InDesign, the full version of Acrobat (not just the Reader), Photoshop and Illustrato! This is one of the most desirable packages ever made and you can own it for an incredibly low price! Or Finale Professional Music Notation software for approximately half price! Finale is one of the two major notation programs used by professional composers, arrangers and musicians and is the industry standard. If you have a budding professional musician, art designer or photographer in your household, these two programs alone are valuable tools for learning and mastery!

In order for homeschoolers to be eligible for these educational discounts, you simply have to follow the guidelines for your state regarding your status as an educator, and homeschool documentation, if any. If you live in a state that requires registration and reporting, you simply have to fill out the state’s paperwork and provide it to R-Tech with your order. R-Tech submits it to the manufacturer and within 24 hours they are able to ship the product to you. In states that do not require registration or reporting simply provide the following information on a sheet of paper:  Student’s name, name of school (if any), anticipated date of graduation, and a one-paragraph description of what your curriculum is. If you are affiliated with any type of oversight organization or group, include that information as well. In all of its years in business, R-Tech has never had a homeschooling family denied qualification for the educational discounts.

These great programs boost the learning interest level of students vastly. There is nothing more helpful to a talented art student, composer, photographer or writer than one of these powerful programs, designed to function in the professional environment  . . . and nothing less helpful than having to try to make-do without the programs. If given the opportunity, any homeschooling parent desires to provide his/her student the opportunity to learn these programs and develop mastery of them. Please do your educational materials budget and your children a favor by visiting R-tech’s website, and do some serious shopping! M.L.

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