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English can be a very difficult language to learn in the technical aspect. We all learn to speak our language by hearing it, but knowing the mechanics of the written language and proper usage, is another matter altogether. One reason for English being difficult is that it is such a hodge-podge of other languages, with words or parts of words coming from Norman French and Anglo-Saxon as well as Latin and Greek. Fortunately, a large portion of our words either come from, or are formed by, using these latter ancient tongues.

For the homeschooling parent who wishes to provide his/her child with a strong grounding in vocabulary, spelling and related English skills, there is nothing to compare with studying English from the point of its Latin and Greek roots and building upon it. Time and again, SAT scores have borne this out; independent testing and studies in the field of education have also demonstrated it -- a strong knowledge of Latin and Greek word roots and affixes (prefixes and suffixes) makes any student better in the English skills . . . both verbal and written.

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