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Educational Cards Will Make a Scholar Out of Your Homeschooler

Scholar Cards
By Linda Pliagas

Say “adios” to bulky textbooks. Instead of using intimidating books in your homeschool curriculum, why not incorporate ScholarCards ™ into your educational program?

ScholarCards™ are new, self-teaching cards that have been proven to be highly effective learning tools. ScholarCards™ can be used to teach math, science and vocabulary.

The developers of ScholarCards™ have spent years testing their product on lower and middle school students throughout the Caribbean. Over 300 schools were visited and given ScholarCards™ to use. Students happily played the learning game the cards are based around and it enhanced learning as well as a friendly sense of competition.

One of the best elements of ScholarCards™ is the fact that learning success can easily be measured. ScholarCards™ is used and assessed via written scores. The scores are entered into score sheets by the players and a student’s progress can be measured quickly.

Children will view ScholarCards™ more like an educational diversion rather than a boring school chore. The game, which has a structured cycle (beginning, climax and end), provides a thrilling way for children, tweens and young adults to learn.

One of the most popular ScholarCards™ product is theSynonym set, inexpensively priced at $17.99. The set contains two decks of 52 synonym playing cards, from A to Z, and they are ideal for homeschoolers in fifth through eighth grades. ScholarCards™ teach detailed bits of information that can be easily measured by home educators.

ScholarCards™ can be used as an individual learning tool or it can be played in a group setting. The cards have a solid and expert scientific base. It is modeled on “overlearning”, a theory based on the fact that students master and absorb information for the purpose of taking exams. The creators of ScholarCards™ feel that play is a strong motivating force in learning.

Not only do flash cards, such as ScholarCards™, provide a great alternative to textbooks, they also give the entire family a chance to join in the learning process. Family members can join in the fun by sharing in a game with the cards in either Math, English or Science.

No surprise to homeschoolers, scientific studies have shown that when parents are directly involved in their children’s education, youngsters will develop a life-long love of learning and do better both academically and in their choice of career.

Since a direct correlation exists between exam performance and the amount of time spent in study, ScholarCards™ will keep children engaged in learning longer by making the education process fun and exciting. For more information about ScholarCards, please visit: L.P.


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