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Schoolmasters Science – A Great Website for Science Kits & Products
By Linda K. Foster

Schoolmasters Science has been providing science equipment and supplies to schools and individuals since 1954 and offers over 2000 items on its website, An important aspect of this site is that it does not limit itself to one particular area of science; it offers a comprehensive array of materials for use in studying a multitude of scientific disciplines, including astronomy, chemistry, earth science, life science, physics and weather sciences.  This variety of materials makes the Schoolmasters Science site a valuable resource for those involved in public, private and homeschool settings. Teachers/parents will find available to them instructional videos, experiment kits, games and other activities suitable for use with students of all age, skill and interest levels. 

Schoolmaster Science
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Elementary Experiment Kits are age-appropriate for use in teaching basic scientific principles to stimulate student interest in the field of science. The kits provide colorful, visually stimulating methods of instruction for students to learn about gas chemistry, gravity, simple machines, electricity, matter and energy, and a variety of other areas of study. Kits to assist in science fair preparation are also offered and include award-winning project ideas, experiments and display tips. Kits include materials and instruction guides necessary for the completion of the desired experiments.

More advanced kits provide students with the opportunity to expand their scientific knowledge. A Minds Eye kit, suitable for ages 10 and up, provides materials for the study of optical illusions and allows the student to explore the science of human perception. A Fuel Car and Experiment Kit provides materials for building and experimenting with a car that runs on water. Students use this kit to explore how environmentally friendly fuel cells work.

In the area of chemistry, a variety of models kits ranging from basic molecular model building kits to the more advanced DNA Manipulatives Kit used for understanding recombinant DNA technology are also offered by Schoolmasters Science. Model kits include teacher’s guides or instruction manuals and some include instruction videos and student guides.

In addition to offering experiment and model kits, Schoolmasters Science offers an array of books, videos, lab furniture, lab equipment, microscopes and accessories, i.e., periodic tables, posters, etc. all reasonably priced and designed for either individual or classroom use. 

Schoolmasters Science is a comprehensive website allowing for one-stop-shopping for anyone wishing to provide visually stimulating and hands-on instruction in the field of science. Please visit their website with plenty of time in order to avail yourself of the wide range of fascinating products and materials! L.K.F.

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