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The Science Fair - Your Source for Science Supplies
POB 934, St. Augustine, FL 32085
Ph: 904-824-9323
By Michael Leppert

The Science Fair provides a huge inventory of products, offering one-stop shopping convenience for equipment and supplies related to all branches of science. Microscopes and slides, test tubes, beakers, Petri dishes – and a special Labware Starter Set which is perfect for either the aspiring beginner or the more experienced lab scientist, by providing a reasonably-priced way to round out/restock your existing lab basic equipment. The Set contains 21 essential lab items, including 5 beakers, 1/2 dozen test tubes, a test tube rack, tongs and others.

The Science Fair
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The Science Fair stocks a huge variety of educational science kits and models, related to learning about electricity, anatomy, entomology, general biology, dissection, magnets, acid-base reactions, general chemistry, weather, DNA models, solar system models and other scientific topics.

One of the most intriguing sections in The Science Fair is the Terrariums section, where you can find a line of botanical kits with different themes and focal points. Try a “Biblical Garden”, composed of five plants mentioned in the Bible: Aloe, Date Palm, Hyssop, Joseph's Coat and Mustard. Or try the “Carnivorous Creations” including, but not limited to, the Venus Fly Trap, Yellow Trumpet, Hooded Pitcher Plant and Purple Pitcher Plant, to allow your ever-curious young scientist to create a favorable environment for the seeds to germinate and become insect eaters in a short time.  Each terrarium comes complete with seeds, soil, plant markers and decorative accessories for the creation of a beautiful living centerpiece for your home or office! Your child and you can spend hours of peaceful “learning”, creating the environment and then watching it develop.

The Science Fair also carries the award-winning Eyewitness science series, with titles ranging from Sharks to Eyesight.  These enthralling videos provide hours of information and entertainment for the entire family. The Science Fair carries a variety of smart toys and craft products, too. These are safe and enjoyable products like a mini pottery wheel and the Smithsonian Rock Tumbler, a complete kit, which allows the user to polish rough, semi-precious stones into smooth, beautiful pieces, worthy of being made into jewelry.

For anything scientific, The Science Fair is the perfect website to visit. Their prices are very reasonable and their service is efficient and secure. Please visit them and allow yourself to wend your way through their extensive inventory – your science student will be pleased that you did! MjL

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