ScienceWorksScienceWorks has produced an exciting line of educational products designed for science teaching and learning since 1988. The highly skilled team at ScienceWorks includes teachers and specialists with backgrounds in authoring science books, state and local recognition as educators, and over 100 years of combined experience in science education and specialized areas.

The goal of the ScienceWorks team is to create quality products that will empower educators and students to maximize technology and learning.

ScienceWorks offers software products designed to assist parents and teachers in developing an educational, entertaining, and cost-effective science curriculum for use with elementary through high school students and older.

The SlideWorks Slide Series introduces students to the use of the microscope and is offered in two learning levels. Beginner Slides is an introductory slide set for elementary grades and is an excellent teaching aid for regular classroom or homeschool settings. Students learn the parts of the microscope and how to create slide mounts in the lab and use the microscope to view 45 common items.

Biology Slides are geared for use in middle and high school grades, introducing the use of an advanced interactive power microscope and over 50 slides usually seen in beginning biology courses. Both the Beginner and the Biology Slide sets feature a higher level of interactivity than is found in most other educational science products.

ScienceWorks also has titles in Dissection, Rocks&Minerals and many others.

The ScienceWorks applications work on both Macintosh and Windows computers.

ScienceWorks offers the perfect solution to teaching science in a home education setting.

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