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Home-Based Work

Ground Floor Opportunity with Home Based Business: SeneGence® International

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By Linda K. Foster

Are you looking for a “budget friendly” ground floor opportunity to earn extra income?  Cathy Hoolihan, an independent distributor for SeneGence International® offers an excellent opportunity for homeschool parents to boost the family income on either a part-time basis or as a fulltime career.

Just 7 years ago, SeneGence® was founded by Joni Rae Rogers, a single mother with a “burning desire” to establish a company for independent Distributors – a company that offer an unparalleled opportunity to build as large as they dreamed, to make as much money as they deserve by selling products that truly work. The company name alone (SeneGence®-a combination of synergy and intelligence) summarizes the philosophy of the company: Working together so that all will benefit.

SeneGence® cosmetics are long-lasting beauty products that are waterproof, smudge- proof and sweat-proof—they stay on until you decide to take them off!  Products include a 24-hour anti-aging skin care system and a full line of all day cosmetics, including their “flagship” product “LipSense®” the original 4-18 hour lip coloring system. Along with LipSense®, there are also lip liners, eyeliners, mascaras and brow colors. The creamy all- day cosmetics include foundation, blush, highlighter, concealer and eye shadow. These waterproof creamy formulations are based on a patented cellular renewal anti-aging skin care system unique to this fast-growing company and all of the products are sold with a 100% money back guarantee.

Cathy Hoolihan joined SeneGence® a little over 5 years ago when the company was in its second year and she is passionate about the company, the unique products and the income opportunities available to distributors. As we know, homeschooling doesn’t allow time for a traditional 9 to 5 job. Distributors for SeneGence International® control their own time and are able to set schedules around their homeschooling responsibilities and lifestyle. Cathy became a distributor primarily as a means to get a discount on products she was already using. Finding that the products “sell themselves”, she decided to expand her business venture and is now committed to helping others to do the same.

A variety of startup options are offered to potential SeneGence® distributors depending on the available budget. For as little as $45 (plus $10 shipping and handling), potential distributors receive the Distribution Manual, Distribution Policies and Procedures, essential business forms and pre-selected training documents designed specifically for sales of SeneGence® products. Product demonstration kits are made available and can be purchased in a variety of ways, again, depending on budget. Once becoming a distributor, Cathy will guide a person in the development and expansion of this amazing new business venture. Company-sponsored training events and local distributor training is available, as are access to online training materials, CDs, DVDs and phone assistance.   The company even offers professionally-designed website and hosting services to distributors. SeneGence® sponsors are dedicated to helping distributors fulfill their desired potential for income. Cathy has traveled to many different cities and towns outside of her Las Vegas area to assist new distributors with product events, training and to help them develop a solid customer base.

Cathy is confident that anyone wishing to earn extra income can do so by becoming a distributor for SeneGence®, even those who don’t consider themselves to be outgoing or a person who could be in sales. Cathy does not use the word sell to describe what she does, she says she just shares the information about this unique product line and women “just go crazy over it! It is so easy, because the product continually sells itself.” This is a product line unlike any other and the affordable distributorship options allow for the start of a business that will support the desired goals, income, needs and career achievement plans. For additional information regarding SeneGence® products or to become a distributor, please visit Cathy’s website at L.K.F.

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