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Seton Testing Services

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Seton Testing Services offers the California Achievement Test (CAT) Survey Edition Form-E. Tests are available for grade levels kindergarten through twelfth grade. The CAT is a nationally normed standardized test that can be normed for Spring, Winter, or Fall.  It is often administered at the end of the school year, but is available all year long. Seton Testing Services has no requirements as to who administers the test.

The CAT contains five to six sections within each test booklet that cover Reading, Language Arts, and Mathematics. The CAT is not an I.Q. test. Each section is timed and contains approximately 20-25 multiple-choice questions. The test booklets are sent with a step-by-step instruction guide that directs the administrator through the entire process of testing. Grades 4-12 have identical instruction manuals, which allows the tests to be administered simultaneously.

After administering the test to the student, all of the materials are returned to Seton, where they are graded within two business days. The results of the tests are mailed to you, or if you send your e-mail address, they can be e-mailed to you. For future reference, we keep computer copies of the student’s test results. Copies are available upon request.

You are not required to test at specific times for the year. Seton Testing Services ships the test within two business days of receiving your order. Postal delivery of the test may take a maximum of 7 days. There is no deadline for returning the completed test, so you may administer the test at your own convenience. We recommend that you give no more than two subject tests a day.

The fee for each CAT test is $25; there are no extra charges for shipping. This fee includes the rental of the testing materials, the scoring of the test, and one copy of the testing results mailed and/or e mailed to you. Orders can be made over the telephone, 1-800-542-1066, or on our website, with Visa, MasterCard, or Discover cards. To place an order by mail, send a check or money order, paid to Seton School. Please be sure to include either the order form which can be printed from our website or a letter with your name, address, phone number, and the grade level of the student. We look forward to processing your order! S.T.S.

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