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Drumstick Spinology
80-page book and DVD
S M G, Inc. -
By MJ Leppert

Every day, revolutionary discoveries occur from the most unexpected places. Who would guess that a veteran rock drummer, whose appreciation of fancy stick work would lead to a possible positive treatment for those with ADD/ADHD?

While it is still being researched in blind studies, the repetitive motion of Steve Stockmal’s Drumstick Spinology™ stick-spinning method seems to provide a favorable treatment format for children with ADD/ADHD.

Dr. Kurt Kuhn, a chiropractic neurologist and drummer, discovered Mr. Stockmal’s Spinology through the doctor’s daughter who saw Mr. Stockmal’s presentation at her school. Dr. Kuhn purchased the program and as he did the first two or three spins, he found that it was a good neuromuscular re-educator. The doctor had some children patients with ADD/ADHD who did not do their neuro homework consistently and Drumstick Spinology™ appealed to their desire to be rock stars. They considered drumming and spinning to be “cool”, so they would enthusiastically practice Drumstick Spinology™ on their own.

Drumstick Spinology™ is a series of drumstick spinning patterns designed to enhance the performing drummer’s stage show. Steve Stockmal always appreciated watching spinning drummers and decided to emulate them and eventually, using his own performing opportunities, developed and refined an entire stick-spinning regimen for stage showmanship. Since 2000, his Drumstick Spinology™ book has sold more than 20,000 copies!

Drumstick Spinology™ works the same way that other repetitive, regular exercise works for muscles of the body. If you have a weak muscle, you build it back up by increasing its metabolism and ability to do work. The same thing is true of the nervous system. The nerves’ job isn't to contract like muscles, instead they transmit messages. So by causing them to transmit messages, their metabolism and the ability of the nervous system to do its work is increased. The actions also help “map” the brain, which will speed up the process of learning. Added to this is the fact that Drumstick Spinology™ offers such a wide variety of spins to learn, that they keep challenging the neuro pathways and growing new brain mass! 

Additionally, Drumstick Spinology™ helps in overall development of the ability to plan, predict and execute. In essence, it teaches, through the motor system, the ability to learn . . . all from spinning a drum stick! Since the spins contained in Drumstick Spinology™ can be practiced anywhere with just a pair of sticks (even chopsticks, ultimately) children will practice it, since there is no other equipment necessary and they simply have to memorize the patterns. This fact, the attractiveness of practice, is the other main reason that Drumstick Spinology™ is receiving such enthusiastic attention. Nearly every child dreams of being a rock star drummer and appealing to this dream makes children with ADD/ADHD and other neurological conditions easy to “treat” with spinning exercises.  While the scientific facts have not been established yet, using Drumstick Spinology™ definitelyprovides a fun and entertaining activity for any child – with ADD/ADHD or not, and whether a drummer or not!

Please visit the website for Drumstick Spinology™, for much more information.


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