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STARTWRITE - The Handwriting Worksheet Wizard

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Review by Linda K. Foster

Despite the proliferation of computer keyboards and the necessity of typing skill, handwriting is still an important aspect of education. One of the most widely-used methods of teaching handwriting is the “trace the dotted letter” method, which allows the child to learn proper letter strokes. Anyone involved in teaching, whether in public or private schools or the homeschool setting, who has attempted to create these “dotted letters”, knows just how time-consuming, tedious and downright boring it is. Several years ago, while trying to help his daughter practice her handwriting, Dave Sharp searched for a software program that would print dotted letters. Unable to find such a program, Dave came up with the idea for Startwrite Handwriting Software which later developed into Startwrite, the Handwriting Worksheet Wizard. 

Startwrite is an affordable and user-friendly program with a proven track record of use in public and private school as well as Homeschool settings. The program is easily downloadable and does not require a manual to get started. As you type, the letters appear on the page. A variety of handwriting fonts and formats are available including dotted, dashed or solid lines and manuscript (ball and stick) or modern manuscript. The appearance of the letters can easily be changed by adjusting the dot density and shading of the letters, and, for early learners, arrow strokes can be added to the letters. In addition, the program also offers 4 guideline options (width of lines) making it easy to adapt the lesson to the age and skill level of the student.  All of the available options are clearly shown on the program toolbar and are easily adjustable at any time while the lesson is being designed.

Startwrite is available in both Windows and Mac formats and provides a method for creating customized handwriting worksheets and lessons, saving hours in lesson preparation time. In addition to teaching basic handwriting, worksheets can be personalized into letters to friends or relatives, diary pages, scrapbook pages or a variety of other projects. Clip art and color can also added to make the lessons more exciting. Startwrite includes a 100,000-word spell check and is a multi-functional program incorporating math, spelling, handwriting, etc.  

The designers of Startwrite are so confident in their product that, unlike many other programs offering limited trial demos, Startwrite offers a downloadable trial version of the full program. In only a few minutes, you can experience how easy it is to create handwriting worksheets and you will realize that the possibilities for customizing worksheets and lesson plans are limited only by your own creative abilities.

Handwriting is important and the Startwrite program makes it possible to make creative, stimulating worksheets in minutes. Less time spent making lesson plans means more available time to focus on the interests and needs of the child.

For more information or to download the full trial version of this affordable and exciting program, visit the Startwrite website at L.F.

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